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  • Manufacturer Case Study

    Manufacturers face many risks terms of availability of raw materials, suppliers, distributors and customers. Besides production and distribution risks, they also face the risk of competing in the competitive global market and economies. This makes it difficult because manufacturers have too much on their plates from corporate decisions to consumer demands and expectations. The risk of being a manufacturer is high even though it could be containable. Consumers also research on whether manufacturers are using cheap labor to produce their goods or services. Many companies have been risk of using cheap labor and they have lost their credibility as well as their customers. Managers have some guidelines to follow in other to manage their risks. Some of the ways to manage their risks is to set up supply chains, strategic distribution systems, using sustainable materials and have a good corporate social…

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  • Santa's Supply Chain

    products that will not only satisfy customers’ needs, but also make them earn good income. Santa is a toy company that is facing a lot of challenges that make it difficult for it to become successful. Their clients are complaining about the quality and delivery issues among many other issues. These issues have brought challenged to the company. In this paper, I have used supply chain to identify supply management issues, operation issues, distribution/logistics…

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  • The Importance Of Good Customer Service In The Workplace

    Face to Face contact… The importance of good customer service when meeting someone face to face to ensure that you represent the company right. For example, when a customer calls at your reception, it’s important that you treat them just as well as you would on the phone, if not even nicer. This is because when they are on the phone to you they become a thing but when talking to you personally, they become real to you. They are a real person in front of you and you must treat them how you want…

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  • Analysis: The Helpless Customer

    took an hour and thirty minutes to find all the jeans that the customer needed. Afterwards I checked him out and I asked the magical question that annoys every single customer, “would you like to sign up for an Old Navy card?” He answered no. After those three hours I spent helping him out, he refused to help me out with meeting my monthly quota for Old Navy cards. Needless to say I was a little bit disappointed he did not help me out. The worst type of customer anyone could possibly deal with…

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  • The Pestel Analysis Of Mcdonald's Case Study Of Mcdonalds

    expand its Geographical reach. McDonalds introduction of the “All Day” Breakfast has been a huge success with competitive price points and they recently opened its 120th market and its first restaurant in Kazakhstan which is a proof point that it continues to innovate with menus and expand. Customer Focus There are 30,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries. Therefore, it has developed rapidly to the world’s best fast food. The main reason of its success is because it cares for the customers…

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  • Burger King Analysis

    This program shows everything from washing dishes to cleaning the bathrooms, dining room, and cooking. We should be testing the employees after the watch and pass the test on the computer as to what they learned, and possibly earn certificates for each module. This would encourage the employees to learn and feel that they are accomplishing good, happy employees make for a great working environment. However, there are many other examples is “The definition of a service improvement practice…

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  • What Is The Current Financial Analysis Of The Coffee Industry?

    poor customer service as a result of unskilled workers or failure to attract new customers. There are various situations that could be causing the decrease in the profitability and performance of Kapoor Coffee shop thus the need of a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis will help determine the current situation of Kapoor Coffee by depicting the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats so as to formulate strategic ideas needed to improve the business.…

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  • Customer Service Importance

    We all know the importance of a good customer service. If you are a business, big or small, online or offline, a good customer service is expected of you. Aside from the good quality of product or service that you are offering your consumers or clients, how can you expect your customers to be loyal to you if you do not accommodate them when they need you. If you have a business, your service doesn't just stop after you have handed your product and payment has been made. Business doesn't just…

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  • Marketing: A Case Study Of Qantas's Success

    maintain and improve the overall performance of the company. Since 2013 measurements have shown improvements in the performance of Qantas including market share, rising from 48% to 68% in 2015. Qantas’ underlying profit before tax of $975 million was a turnaround of $1.6 billion compared with 2013/2014. Throughout this Qantas was able to maintain a constant supply of product of its consumers. Product / service differentiation When first established, Qantas sough to differentiate itself from…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Customer Service

    If there 's any place where customers are likely to be paying attention to the type of service they receive, it 's within the hospitality industry. Good customer service is essential for any business to thrive, and our customers are the most important aspect of customer service. To ensure good customer service there are several steps we should take to ensure customer satisfaction. First we should consider our guests expectations and understand that we must meet or exceed those expectations.…

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