Fingerprint recognition

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  • Biometrics Recognition Essay

    What is biometrics recognition? If you dissect the word “Biometrics” you get “Bio” stand for life and “Metrics” which is measurment. Biometrics recognition is the science that is able to identify your speech, fingerprints, movement, and even your face. There are many different uses for biometric software; Police records use fingerprints to create a profile for people to be referred to. Speech recognition is more commonly seen in smartphone devices. The main purpose for biometrics is to easier recognize individuals based on their personal physical features. In our society biometrics main uses are for security. Each individual that has a smart phone has some sort of biometric device. For Iphone users who have an Iphone 6 or newer has a thumb print scanner. For android and Iphone…

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  • Case Study: Drawn To Injustice

    Masters then went to court in February of 1999 and was found guilty and sentenced to life by a jury and who relied heavily on Dr. Meloy’s testimony. In January of 2008, prosecutors admitted that evidence had been withheld from Masters’ defense lawyers. Additionally, the prosecutors announced that DNA tests pointed to an alternative suspect and that Masters should be released from prison. On January 22, 2008, all charges were dismissed and Masters was released from prison. In February of 2010,…

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  • Forensic Science

    tools they can work with now, making it a bit easier to help them solve crimes. They have tools for fingerprint analysis, ballistics, DNA typing, and recently forensic phenotyping of simple physical traits such as human eye and hair color. The future of forensic science is bright; tools, gadgets and programs are ever evolving and forensic technicians have taken the advantage to capitalize on these new discoveries to help them gather more information and analyze findings at a crime scene. In the…

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  • Biometrics Essay

    Biometrics are defined as systems that are used to verify and identify people using their physical features (such as their faces and fingerprints) and also their behavioral characteristics (such as their handwriting) [1]. The field of biometrics is becoming more and more relevant these days as the need to enhance security systems and to solve crime mysteries has become one of the main focuses in the research industry. Biometrics is a broad field on its own because of its wide range of…

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  • Characteristics Of Fingerprints

    Fingerprints have been widely used throughout the world as means of identification for forensic purposes. Forensic experts have extensively relied on premises that fingerprint characteristics are highly discriminatory and immutable amongst the general population (Haber and Haber, 2008). Fingerprint formation is induced by the stresses and strains experienced by the fetus in utero, which are random and infinite, it is likely that they subsequently produce a random, infinite variety of friction…

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  • Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case Study

    The additional evidence that was released included video and audio recordings, photos, and statements from witnesses and evidence from Zimmerman after the shooting incident- clothes, weapon, and the data from his cell phone (Buckley 2013). However, the evidence that provided a dramatic landmark was retrieved from the DNA samples of Zimmerman, forensic analysis of his scrum injury and his medical records. Additionally, forensic information regarding to Trayvon on the regard of technical…

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  • Fingerprinting: The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

    D. Fingerprinting is an impression or mark made on the surface by a person's finger tip. It is used for identifying individuals from the unique pattern of whorals and lines. This fingerprinting is valuable to detectives case because the detective who has the mystery case, where a person was murdered would use fingerprinting. You would use fingerprinting to track down the murder and the bystander. How you can see fingerprinting is not with the naked eye but with a special light. Fluorescent…

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  • Why Is Forensic Evidence Important

    Evidence is essential to solving a case. There are many different strategies to solve one. Some include using criminalistics, forensic serology, and forensic evidence. Different strategies may give more accurate results in figuring out a case. However, in “Forensic: Evidence, Clues, and Investigation” by Andrea Campbell, forensic evidence is the most important to use when attempting to solve a crime. Forensic evidence is any physical evidence pulled from the scene or collected throughout the…

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  • Criminalist Career

    When people go to college they often have one major in mind. Many people also often have somewhat of an idea of what they want to do for a career. In this essay I will be discussing an occupation, its major, important things that go with it, and also other jobs that you can choose within that major. In 1896 Sir Edward Richard Henry found a system to classify fingerprints. In 1897 DNA could be used to find or eliminate suspects from the case. Berkeley began an academic department for…

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  • Forensics In Criminal Investigations

    Fingerprints can help identify suspects, prove a person innocent, and help build cases in court. In most television crime shows, it is portrayed that as soon as a print gets put into the system it takes a matter of seconds and maybe a minute before a single sure result pops up on the screen with the face of the man or woman to whom the print belongs. However, this is not the case. Before a fingerprint can even get tested and verified there are a series of steps that have to be followed through…

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