Why I Chose Business Economics Essay

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The reason I want to break in to the world of business economics is because I believe that it is the perfect degree combination for me, as I have a keen interest for both business and economic sector, so being able to do business economic would allow me o focus on the business aspect of economic such as business organization, management, expansion and strategy. Theses factors would allow me to succeed in the pathway I want to go towards and would give me a strong understanding on how the business side of economics operated which I am mainly interested in.
My preparation for my degree started from my A levels at AS I choose Business studies, ICT and Psychology from all of my course that I learned something new such as in Business Studies I found out how business operate such as start up business and how to manage a business I got introduced to different aspects of business such as cost for starting a business, product life cycle, strategies to success and many more. These factors have opened my eyes and showed me that the hard, powerful status of the firm outside it actually a lot of hard work and good strategic decision from the inside also, business studies showed me how to pick out important aspect from case studies by focusing my
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Also I see business economic degree allowing me to have flexibility as I can go in to variety of sectors such as economic, business or even management if I want I can even tries in each sector and choose the best sector for me which I think suit me because it does not constrain me in to doing one job. However to be able to reach this stage of my life where I am successfully in the business sector and the root to my success originate from my A Levels and progression on to university is the next stage, I also believe that your university would be ideal in helping me succeed to the future that I want to build and

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