Economic Policy Pros And Cons Essay

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In the United States, a country that is such an economically dominant power, there are many debates concerning economic policy. From republican to democratic and classical to keynesian, politicians often propose different ideas from each other. A prime example of a clash of economic policies are the current presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton’s economic proposals center around increasing taxes for the wealthy and expanding Social Security. However, Trump proposes cutting taxes for everyone, privatizing Social Security. He also calls for a decrease in federal government regulations. On the issues of job creation, both politicians agree on lowering the unemployment rate by reducing oversea employment. The democratic …show more content…
As a way to increase employment company expansions, he urges for larger tax cuts, with some families being able to save up to 35% from current taxes (). The large decreases in taxes Trump wants will also lead to less funding for transfers, such as Social Security (third debate). The republican presidential candidate wants to privatize Social Security, meaning the tax money for Social Security would go to private investment accounts. Trump does agree with Clinton on the stance over employment opportunities for Americans. In the first presidential debate, Donald Trump states, “Our jobs are fleeing the country. They’re going to Mexico. They’re going to many other countries.” Both candidates agree on limiting the amount of jobs sent overseas; however, they plan on dealing with it differently. Trump plans to cut taxes on businesses, which will influence companies to expand and hire more people (first debate). Hillary plans on making companies who ship jobs overseas give the money from tax breaks in order to invest on current Americans. The presidential candidates clash tremendously on their views on taxes and transfers and also on how they will create more jobs for the United

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