Are Too Many People Going To College Charles Murray Analysis

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What if someone said you shouldn’t go to college because you don’t have a good enough reason to be there? In Charles Murray’s’ article “Are Too Many People Going To College?”, Murray states that too many people are going to college because students are going just to get a better education not for employment purposes. However, there are never too many people going to college, because there is no ending point to a better education. Murray believes that the purpose of college is to prepare for your future job. However, people are abusing the fact of college to get the base of a liberal education. He gives some very important points in the article about college and how it helps students achieve their goals in life. Some of the points are how B.A.’s help you get a good job, to support you, and how college is meant to help to achieve a higher education, and reach a higher place in society. The most important point is using your core knowledge towards making a better life for yourself, your future, and your family. Bettering your core knowledge has its pros and cons, but you should put that knowledge towards something that will benefit you and your future. Murray mentions his beliefs on why too many people are going to college, “Yes and no, more people should be getting the basics of a liberal education. But for most students, the places to provide those basics are elementary and middle school” (Murray 235). …show more content…
Murray states, “Economists have established beyond doubt that people with B.A.s earn more on average than people without them” (Murray 245). I agree because employers are getting more strict on their employees education. Education is the key to life I believe, without it you get a low grade job that doesn’t really help you out in life. As we all know everyone needs somewhere to start and for a good education elementary school was the place to start. In this day and

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