Ungar's Differences And The Misperceptions Of Higher Education

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Higher Education
To begin with, this essay deals with two authors and their opinions about higher education. Sandford J Ungar is the president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland . He wrote “The new liberal arts”, in this essay he clarified the misperceptions of obtaining a liberal arts degree. The second author, Charles Murray works at an American enterprise institute, conservative think tank in Washington, DC. He wrote” Are too many people going to college? ” . He talks about who should go to college and who shouldn 't. Ungar clarified several misperception; the first misperception is that the liberal arts degree is a waste in our economy. The majority of people think that
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He said that they would catch up fast and their background shouldn’t dictate and/ or discourage them to get a liberal arts degree. The fourth misperception, one should not in this day and age study only arts. Ungar’s disputed that the liberal arts degree has a variety of classes that not only arts such as math and science. The fifth misperception, Ungar’s argued that a liberal Democrat has nothing to do with a liberal arts education and liberal arts are a conservative approach. The sixth misperception America is a country that …show more content…
The reason why I don’t agree with Murray, in particular, because he is sending a discouraging message and he wasn’t persuasive in his essay. I had to infer the message he was trying to persuade, and he said that everyone is not fit to get college. Only a small percentage of the brightest have the capability to go to college and the SAT determines the person academic capability. This is not true, a lot of people are not good with test, anxiety and fear can be factors that make students do poorly on tests. In college there are a lot of ways to get help to work well on tests and improving your grade, college is about work ethics. If only a certain percentage can go to college, the economy will not progress, people will not advance their knowledge to develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and being able to communicate intelligently. Society will not progress; mass majority will be stuck in dead in job. I agree with some of Ungar’s messages that having a college degree, you have a better chance in getting a good job. Even though I don’t agree on everything he had to say, but the way he delivered the essay made it very

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