Reader Response Essay Liberal Education

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Reader Response Essay-Liberal Education

Every year students prepare themselves vigorously to successfully be ready for the journey they are about to embark on: their college years. These years are the ones where one is supposed to find themself, but also be successful and happy with what they are choosing as their journey in life. These adventures, achievements, and accomplishments are considered to some, a Liberal Education. What truly is considered a Liberal Education? It seems as though that is a loaded phrase. Throughout the paper, we will be discussing what liberal education means and the aspects contributed towards getting a liberal education. The broad term of liberal education was taken as a way in which the person being educated valued and implemented the education they received. Liberal education was a term I associated with as an in-depth procedure on how one became cultured and refined as a person for their society; a way to carry out their life-long purpose and goals for the person they were becoming. I believe liberal education should be a journey of which a person takes to become a successful, knowledgeable entrepreneur with goals in mind for a way to become a better person they were the day prior, and the day prior to that. A person seeking a liberal education is one that is always bettering themselves and bettering for the people around them. They are not always seeking to be egotistic, but contributing to everything and everyone around them. Delbanco…

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