Analysis Of College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Essay

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When is College your Friend
When growing up, college has been so ingrained in my family that the idea of not doing so never even occurred to me. However for others, attending college has become one of the most paramount decisions in our life as a result of its extensive potential for consequence of both favorable and not. Due to its deeply controversial nature, the answer is not just in black and white. In Caroline Bird’s article “College is a Waste of Time and Money”, she has created a sensational work, but one that simply can’t hold up to scrutiny upon a closer inspection. Bird’s stance is not at all an invalid one, nonetheless, many of her attacks were simply inappropriate. She ranges from using what can only be concluded as fraudulent statistics,
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She then goes on by stating that college is still not worth it because there are more students than jobs that are offered. However it is precisely because the job market for such jobs are so scarce that college becomes so invaluable, as you wouldn’t even get a shot at those professions if you fail to meet its requirements. But one might argue at this point that the problem of over-flooding college with limited job openings still would leave many graduates stranded. This brings me to my main problem with this argument, the assumption that college is nothing more than prerequisite for a …show more content…
Many institution don’t have the students best in mind, but rather their tuition. Often times this conflict of interest puts the students at the short end of the stick as long as it’s minor enough. Additionally, as the article “Here’s How Bad the Job Market Is If You Don’t Go to College” describes, the question for many isn’t whether or not they should, but if they could. The problem is amplified by that government is considering stepping out of the game, “[they’re] meeting less and less of the need even as college costs spiral to record highs.” For many impoverished families that are living from paycheck to paycheck, they simply cannot afford to use four long years of their life when they could be bringing money home, even if it’d be more beneficial in the long run. In conclusion, many of the points made in Caroline Bird’s article “College is a Waste of Time and Money” can be characterized as logical fallacies and therefore don’t hold much weight. This is not to say college is without its own faults, with its rising cost being more of a burden for some. But Bird’s article cannot even be classified as an input into the conversation, using misinformation to poor arguments in order to put a blanket of rage over the reader to seemingly trying to create the next sensation

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