The Importance Of Attending College After High School

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Throughout our adolescent years, many of us received constant bombardment about attending college after high school. Those with the willpower and motivation in most cases tend to go down the college path; others will see little to no value in the vast expense of college for their chosen trade. Over the years, thru various studies it has been proven that college graduates in most cases earn more over their lifetime compared to high school graduates. On the other hand, you have the occasional high school dropout with the perseverance to work their way up the industry chain eventually if the opportunity is present become paid equal or greater than their fellow classmate. This course of action continually raises one question; is going to college …show more content…
However attending college is not required for becoming a aircraft mechanic, all one as to do is complete an apprenticeship and pass the Federal Aviation Administration required tests to receive the certificate. Although it is not required for me to attend higher education my decision to pursue this journey comes from my life 's dream. One segment in particular embraces my desires for a family. By have a degree in the long run add more income and job security then if I were to just take the apprenticeship route. Also science aircraft mechanics is only a two year degree it will take less time for me to complete my certificate then completing an apprenticeship which can take up to 30 months to complete. You could say I was never fond of school and I still am. My brain is hardwired for active work hence my passion for mechanics. I can look at schematics and within seconds I could have that object put together. Most schooling is comprised of worksheets and lectures this is why I struggle but because of my dream I continue to push forward no matter what I have to endor. As it has been said time and time again life is never easy no matter how you look at

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