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  • Integration Of Research And Education: Alfred North Whitehead And Wilhelm Von Humboldt

    There have been many philosophers throughout time who’ve had ideas and opinions about the purpose and proper structure of the education systems. Two major examples would be Alfred North Whitehead and Wilhelm von Humboldt. This paper will present a succinct version of both of their thoughts on the integration of research and education within the system of universities, as well as a juxtaposition of their positions. In “Universities and their Function,” Whitehead writes that “[t]he universities are schools of education, and schools of research.” (Whitehead, “Universities,” 2). For the universities to properly serve these functions, they need to cultivate imagination in the students and in the faculty. In fact, he states that “A university is imaginative or it is nothing”(Whitehead, “Universities,” 2). This imagination comes from fruitful interaction between the students and faculty. However, for the faculty to be able to teach with imagination, they must learn themselves with imagination. Thus comes the importance of imaginative teachers and researchers. Whitehead writes “Do you want your teachers to be imaginative? Then encourage them to research. Do you want your researchers to be imaginative? . . . Make your researchers explain themselves to…

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  • The Importance Of Process Theology

    Also, I am interested in understanding the process theology in other faith contexts, other than Christianity. Whitehead’s Metaphysics: Alfred North Whitehead considered cosmology having connection with religion. (1, exposition) Therefore, in this regard, the use of metaphors is relative to one’s own experiences. This is to say that it points to “process” as a part of the process theology, and does not mean to suggest that things are undergoing some sort of change. (14, exposition) Things are…

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  • Process Theology In The Bible

    essay. The God of Scriptures is sovereign (1 Tim. 6:15), immutable (Mal. 3:6), infinite (Jer. 10:10), perfect (Mat. 5:48), and prophetic (Is. 14:24). However, the God of Whitehead’s Process Theology is a source of meaning and reason; it changes and is changed, it is everlasting but imperfect and does not know the future. Therefore, the God of the Bible cannot be identical to the God of Process Theology. These are a few core issues and not an exhaustive list. Nevertheless, Process Theology’s…

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  • Lila Mae In Lord Of The Flies

    688). But as stated, Pompey too has given himself to the white hegemony and plans to forsake his community for personal gains. Pompey thus actually teaches Lila Mae that “she hated her place in their world, where she fell in their order of things, and blamed Pompey” (Whitehead 239). To push technological progress forward, Lila Mae accepts the inability she shared with Pompey and, like Fulton, decides to not fight directly against white hegemony. She lets them think what they want to think while…

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  • What Are The Wright Brothers Important To Aviation

    theirs. So after their mother died, the brothers started running a bike shop. They opened their shop in 1892. In their little shop they would fix and repair bikes. They also sold bikes that they manufactured with their own design. They still followed all of the news from the aviation world while running their little bike shop. This bike shop helped them develop the airplane because of their knowledge of how bikes worked. This helped them with the little parts that they needed for their…

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  • The Lady Of Shalott Tantalus's Daughter Analysis

    The Lady of Shalott: Tantalus’s Daughter Alfred Lord Tennyson is a Victorian poet who seldom strays out of narrative territory. His poems are stories, and “The Lady of Shalott” is no exception. The Lady of Shalott, for whom the poem is titled after, is a heartbreaking heroine who spends most of her life locked away in a tower, only to finally emerge and softly depart from the world. In the short span of four parts, her tale spans the themes of dreams, imprisonment, misogyny, and death. Not only…

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  • Figurative Language In Poetry

    Poetry is a journey into a new world of language that leaves readers fascinated. Poets take their time to intermingle different forms of figurative language to present their topic in a way that takes time to understand. By using rhetorical devices a poet is capable of taking short stanzas and making them into a work of art that can leave the reader guessing the intended meaning for generations. Well written poems contain various types of rhetorical devices such as imagery, metaphors, similes,…

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  • Poem Analysis: Neutral Tones By Thomas Hardy

    Neutral Tones Analysis The poem ‘Neutral Tones’ by Thomas Hardy is a dark, solemn poem, reflecting on the termination of a relationship that he had in the late 1860s. It has a very melancholic note and in the duration of the poem, he shows the sadness and emotions in the narrator. The poem was published in 1898, however at the bottom of the poem he marked it as being written in 1867, perhaps he did not want it to be published then, before he met Eliza Nickels. It has a rhyme pattern of ABBA as…

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  • Tennyson's The Charge Of The Light Brigade

    people, convinced it is the truth. Unaware of the horrors, the men will go in with a positive attitude. After their experience on the battlefield, they will leave a different person having experience first hand the horrors and destructions of war. Others will enter from a draft; they will not want to fight for their country. Instead they want to make it out alive. Seeing the horror invokes the savagery in man for the one goal of survival. Different reasons for entering the war results in…

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  • What Is The Mood Of The Poem Ulysses By Lord Tennyson

    In the poem, “Ulysses,” author Lord Tennyson writes about the king of Ithaca, Ulysses, who had fought in the Trojan War, and had so deeply enjoyed his many travels that he is bored of ruling over his island home, and once again yearns to explore the world. Tennyson writes this poem in the form of a dramatic monologue, and by using this technique the reader is told details of the main characters life and personality through his speech. This is also accomplished through the way the poem itself is…

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