Complete Isolation

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Complete Isolation Throughout history, art and poetry have seemed to begin to share some of the same characteristics. Poetry is another form of art, and the art itself allows you to visualize the setting and feelings of the poem. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem and Waterhouse’s painting, both titled “The Lady of Shalott,” depict the lady not experiencing reality and only seeing life through a reflection. Her life is lived in complete isolation, and remains that way even after she departs from the real world. Although the painting of “The Lady of Shalott” is a neatly characterized piece of work with vibrant colors, only one example of the analyzed theme, isolation, is displayed.
In Waterhouse’s painting “The Lady of Shalott,” there is a young
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When analyzing the painting and poem, it is distinctively clear that the main focus of both pieces of work is the Lady of Shalott. In the painting she is painted with brighter colors than what are around her, and in the poem the title is “The Lady of Shalott,” which is an understanding that she will be the main focus. In the poem it describes how the Lady of Shalott is longing for civilization because she has been stuck in the tower for so long and cannot experience the outside world. Alone and isolated, she wishes to live like the others of her community. In the painting it depicts the lady in a boat by herself, traveling down a river. In order to provide details on why the theme is isolation, the painting needs more information on how this theme can be concluded. In Tennyson’s poem, he explains how the lady lives her entire life alone, even until she meets death. In the painting, the only example of isolation is the fact that the woman is in the boat by herself. Without reading the poem, the conclusion about the theme could not be made. In the poem there are multiple examples that support the analyzed theme, but in the painting, the woman looks full of life and confused as to why she is alone in the boat. After living a life of isolation, being alone would seem to be

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