Tennyson's The Charge Of The Light Brigade

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War changes a soldier’s perspective of life, whether it is an optimistic or pessimistic view. Some soldiers will enlist thinking that they are taking part in the war because of the nationalism and pride they have for their country. It encourages them to fight knowing that they are protecting the rights and freedom for the future generation. The soldiers often go to war with little to no knowledge of why the government incited the war. Most of the time, they fight knowing only the propaganda the government feeds people, convinced it is the truth. Unaware of the horrors, the men will go in with a positive attitude. After their experience on the battlefield, they will leave a different person having experience first hand the horrors and destructions of war. Others will enter from a draft; they will not want to …show more content…
The men are boldly riding into a battle where their chances of winning are low, but they do not let fear get the best of them. Without hesitation, they ride “into the valley of Death”(7). The biblical allusion suggests that they are leading and protecting the citizens from the horrors by charging into battle. They will be the saviors by risking their life to protect the greater population. The men may not make it back, but when the soldiers die, they will be honored for the deeds commited in battle. Everyone will “honor the charge they made” (53). The choice of the using the word charge demonstrates the effort the men gave to fight for the cause. The soldiers knew what they were fighting for and constantly kept looking forward to the positive outcome. They will never be forgotten because of the immense sacrifice they gave to the country. Even though “someone had blunder’d,”(12) the soldiers continued to march on. Not questioning orders is one of the reasons Tennyson implies a soldier should be honored for. They risk their lives not wondering if it is right, but instead for the fear of

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