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  • Charter Of Rights

    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, created by late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1982, has strongly benefited Canada in a number of favourable ways. Prior to this Charter, Canada had a Bill of Rights. This Bill was inadequate since it did not apply to any of the provinces and it did little for the Federal Government on a constitutional bases. Due to the inadequacies of this Bill, it was confirmed that more effective constitutional framework needed to be adopted. As a result, the…

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  • René Lévesque In Quebec

    by some -- "Québec 's Premier Jean Charest, has been quoted saying that the 'primacy of the French Language ' is a 'key value ' in Québec society" (CBC) -- but has been disputed far more than it has been praised. For example,"Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau called the Official Language Act a 'slap in the face ' to federal efforts to mandate bilingualism. Many legal challenges have been pursued, some of which led to small amendments to the Charter" (PACT). In addition, criticism about the…

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  • Changing Seventies In Canada

    The Changing Seventies in Canada During the 1970’s many things happening that didn’t happen in the before this decade. The Seventies are also known as the “pivot of change”. During this decade numerous things socially, politically and economically changed in Canada and around the world. It helped build rights for women and give them a chance to be seen as almost equal to mean. Also, there were many different issues formed in Canada during the 1970’s and new innovations to do things more…

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  • Multiculturalism And Racism In Canada

    Multiculturalism exists when people accept and encourage many cultures to thrive in a society. Multiculturalism in Canada is the recognition that Canadians share equal rights and responsibilities. Canada is a place where people with diverse cultural backgrounds is entitled to practice their faith and traditions freely and take pride in their heritage. Some define Canada as a "cultural mosaic" which means a blend of multiple cultures in one society, organization or nation. . But, there are…

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  • Multiculturalism And Canadian Identity

    Since the adoption in 1971, the Multiculturalism policy has been greatly debated about it’s expediency in Canadian society. Founded by settler two settler societies, Canada has been built on a foundation on cultural an ethnic diversity. Today, Canada has certainly become a nation of immigrants, but prior to the European colonization of Canada, a predominately homogenous ethnic group occupied Canada, the Aboriginals (or First Nations Peoples). Today after being dominated by Western European…

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  • Canada Swot Analysis

    History Culminating The speech Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier delivered in 1904 made a bold statement in which he stated all citizens of Canada should be united and treated fairly. Although there has been many times in which Canada had made poor decisions, I still think Canada has improved since 1914. Canada, a country that has been improving was historically bound to make mistakes. Certain issues and events that helped Canada become what it is today include: women 's rights, U.S…

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  • Case Study: The Meech Lake Accord

    Introduction The Canadian Constitution, also known as the supreme law, describe Canada’s process of both codified and uncodified traditions as well as convention. It allows for the division of powers between federal and provincial powers and encompasses the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. The Meech Lake Accord was the first attempt to amend the newly patriated Constitution in order to facilitate changes depicted by the Constitution Act, 1982. The Meech Lake Accord was a set of…

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  • Royal 22e Regiment History

    The regiment had a conspicuous history, and they also had a talented band as well as meaningful insignia. In order to enhance my understanding of the Regiment, I decided to research even further. If you don't know already, the history of the Royal 22e Regiment is quite noteworthy. Moreover, it involves public rallies, political pressure, and eventually the creation of the first ever French-speaking Canadian regiment. Here's the story. The 1st Division of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF,…

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  • Historical Figures In Canadian History

    Despite being a fairly new country, as were were officially discovered 150 years ago, we still do have our historical figures who helped shape what Canada has become today. The historical figures are being referenced are: Willam Van Horne, Clifford Soften, and Sir John A. MacDonald. While there are many notable people that contributed to Canada’s development, those three made the most impactful impression on those studying Canadian history. Without those three, Canada would not be where it is…

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  • Sir John A. Macdonald: The Greatest Canadian

    Sir John A. MacDonald: The Greatest Canadian Sir John A. Macdonald’s strong leadership skills and accomplishments contribute to how Canada is a great nation by, becoming the first prime minister, forming Canada into one country and arguing for women’s rights. He successfully maintained the country, even though he had many hardships. Macdonald was one the most important people in Canadian politics. Firstly, Macdonald had set a precedent when he became the first prime minister of Canada (Johnson…

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