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  • Personal Narrative: My Computer Science 205 Class

    I am currently majoring in computer science engineering. It is a field that is reasonably racially diverse but completely dominated by males. In my Computer Science 205 class, there is a total of 5 girls including myself and 30 males. This creates for an interesting class dynamic that I was not aware of until recently. When you walk into the class, all the female students are sitting on one side and the male students are on the other. This means that unless our teacher picks the groups for us,…

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  • The Cid And Cinna Analysis

    Kingship is present throughout both The Cid and Cinna, reflecting French absolutism very well in both of the plays. While this idea of absolutism in France could be considered tyrannical, the King usually had good intentions with his rulings and ideas, which those ideas were what became laws. Absolutism, defined as “a type of national monarchy in which the monarch has great power and tends to be looked up to with awe and reverence. In spite of the name, the power of the monarch is limited by…

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  • Mechanisms For Child Rearing: A Case Study

    Scholars such as Annette Lareau and Jessica McCrory Calarco have identified the role of parent’s transmission of cultural capital onto their children and the impact of such on educational success. While it is possible for first-generation college students to come from a high income family, it is unlikely that their adolescent education parallels that of continuing-generation students. As stated by Dumais, “the acquisition of cultural capital and subsequent access to academic rewards depend upon…

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  • Marie Curie: A Magnificent Scientist

    was nothing the doctors could do to help. They told you that you only had 2 years to live and that they were extremely sorry. This is what would happen to every single cancer patient if Marie Curie never researched radioactivity. Marie Curie and Pierre Curie discovered radium in 1898, Marie then further researched it and discovered the benefits and disadvantages of it. Thanks to Currie radioactivity is now frequently used to treat cancer and has the potential to save lives. Marie Currie was…

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  • Epstein's Conceptual Model

    Parental involvement has been an ongoing topic for many parents, teachers, schools, and stakeholders. The lack of parental involvement has impacted students’ academic achievements. Furthermore, the involvement within special education parents have decreased once children have entered middle school. This is a problem that sometime feels there is no simple solution. Researcher shows that having the involvement of special education parents demonstrate an improvement in the outcomes for special…

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  • Glade Candle Case Study

    Similarly, advertisements work to attract the viewer into buying said product to make his or her life better if this product were to be purchased. With this in mind, Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and Novelist John Berger have correlating opinions on advertising as a whole. With Bourdieu, he talks about how cultural capital can be drawn from one’s background, such as character, way of thinking, gender, or race. He also claims cultural…

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  • Theories Of Political Power

    patterns of relationships through interaction with one another. Citizens within a society must learn to navigate the social world and decided how to perceive it. However, certain groups with power can influence the way members view society. Sociologists, Pierre Bourdieu and Charles Tilly present different yet similar ways of defining how members within a state can shape a society. In both cases, political power is one of the main ways society can be transformed. Bourdieu’s concept of habitus is…

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  • The Cost Of Racial And Class Exclusion In The Inner City Analysis

    Tommy Pham 10/23/16 Summary of The Cost of Racial and Class Exclusion in the Inner City In The Cost of Racial and Class Exclusion in the Inner City by Loïc Wacquant and William Wilson, the two authors explore an “interrelated set of phenomena” that relates to social-structural and the issue of hyperghettoization due to the dramatic growth in joblessness and economic exclusion associated with the spatial and industrial restructuring of capitalism. The article is divided into subsections that…

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  • Bourdieu Career Capital Analysis

    Bourdieu (1986) states that each career field appreciates specific sorts of capital. A career capital is defined by different supporting modes that an individual acquires and is able to utilize to pursue success in their career. In order to obtain a career capital, the individual needs to go through a process of screening the capitals within the field of interest, and investing these capitals into work-related activities (Iellatchitch, Wolfgang, & Meyer, 2003). To this regard Bourdieu (1986)…

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  • War And Peace Character Analysis Natasha

    Character Study: Natasha Natasha is an essential character in War and Peace that spans the book from beginning to end. She is the daughter in the Rostov family, dear friend of Pierre, and love interest of Andrei. She starts out as a young 12 year old girl that develops into a woman over the course of the book. Natasha is expected to come into her true self in the midst of war and family crisis. This character study will analyze Natasha’s development in War and Peace by exploring her beginnings…

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