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  • Bourdieu's Theory Of Musical Taste

    Musical taste The term (musical) ‘taste’ can be described as “The ability to discern what is of good quality or of a high aesthetic standard” (Stevenson, 2010) drawing back to the idea of individuals developing musical preferences. Still ‘taste’ itself often causes controversy not only regarding the clear definition of the terminology that tends to differ in different theories of musicologists and sociologists but also concerning the fundamental understanding of the clear definition of this…

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  • Contemporary Analysis Of Youth

    The orthodoxies framing contemporary analysis of youth in industrialised democracies are outlined in Threadgold and Nilan’s rationalisation as more complex and fragmented in nature than that of generations before (Threadgold & Nilan, 2009, p. 51). Threadgold and Nilan’s empirical research targets two key areas in their survey: – engagements with popular culture and attitudes towards the future are in line with findings that youth are negotiating future risks constituted by privileged cultural…

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  • Capitalism Pierre Bourdieu Summary

    Pierre Bourdieu analyzes capitalism, in its different forms, but establishes an overarching definition of the word capital. Bourdieu states capital is labor gather, either materialized or embodied form, in which, when used it becomes an idea brought to life and the social world puts normalizes its function. Not only does he mention a general definition, but he describes the different types of capital: economic, embodied cultural, objectified, institutionalized cultural, and social capital.…

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  • Raton Basin Essay

    The Raton Basin In this paper the coal system of the Raton Baton basin will be analyzed and broken down into sections that include, structure and stratigraphy, coal quality, igneous intrusions, coal-bed methane, and the hydrocarbon production within the basin. The purpose of analyzing the Raton Basin is to understand coal diagenesis and the aspects of the basin that affect coal quality and production. Information for this paper has been gathered by several reports published by the United…

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  • Marie Curie Research Paper

    Marie Curie was a remarkable woman. She overcame adversity to become one of the most accomplished scientists today. Without this scientist the fight against cancer or something as simple as getting an x-ray would not be what it is today. Her research has helped to save the lives of millions. In order to accomplish everything she did (Founder of Curic Instutes, winner of two Nobel Prizes, discovering two new chemical elements) being a woman in a time where women were considered to be second class…

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  • The Importance Of Being Earnest Social Class Analysis

    Oscar Wilde implements a heavy focusses significant attention on class in The Importance of Being Earnest. People with and without money behave very differently, though strive for the same response and impressions from their peers. The characters in this novel are exaggerated to the point of absurdity when it comes to their obsession with class. Victorian upper class demands its members to keep up an important image in society and value money and appearance above all else, including people.…

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  • Pierre Bourdieu: A Sociological Analysis

    Of course, in a literal sense, the indigenous Mexicans were dirtier than their Mestizo counterparts simply because they worked picking strawberries bent over the dirt, as opposed to the Mestizos, who worked on raspberry machines or walking through the fields as crew bosses. I never saw or heard of any disrespectful actions on the part of indigenous workers. However, the language barrier made this difficult to know. Shelly did not speak any Triqui or Mixteco and spoke poor Spanish, while the…

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  • Pierre Bourdieu Capital Analysis

    Pierre Bourdieu came up with the concept of three different categories of capital–economic, cultural, and social–that rule society and place people in a social hierarchy. The first type of capital mentioned is economic capital. Economic capital is the simplest of the three; it is essentially a measure of how much money a person or family has. In a sense, it is an enabler. As a person’s economic capital goes up, their list of opportunities also opens up because they can afford more options. The…

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  • Koryo Social Class System

    Yangban Class in Korea History At the end of the Koryo and through the late Choson reign, a new social system has formed and eventually developed into what was called hereditary social classes. Let discuss these changes in social class system from late Koryo through late Choson. The late Koryo social class systems contained civil official, military official, peasants and lowborn. Whereas, in the Choson dynasty, a new class raised up as yangban class, which combine between powerful civil official…

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  • Self Branding Obsession

    the neoliberal individual as part of defining their version of good-taste and placing emphasis on their own cultural capital. Ideas that suggest the connection between capital and branding obsession become further apparent in this text. Sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu’s habitus framework becomes clear, the importance of the interactions between the individual (habitus), power relations (competition for forms of capital) and social structure (the field) (Stringfellow et al, 77). Part of enabling a…

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