Historical Figures In Canadian History

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Despite being a fairly new country, as were were officially discovered 150 years ago, we still do have our historical figures who helped shape what Canada has become today. The historical figures are being referenced are: Willam Van Horne, Clifford Soften, and Sir John A. MacDonald. While there are many notable people that contributed to Canada’s development, those three made the most impactful impression on those studying Canadian history. Without those three, Canada would not be where it is today, and in the case of John A. MacDonald, it would not be here at all. Canada’s reach toward industrialization was made significantly easier because of the tremendous contribution made by John A. MacDonald, William Van Horne, and Clifford Soften.

Sir John A. MacDonald made the biggest impact out of the three men that this essay is based from. As the First Prime Minister of Canada, he had a major role in the joining of Upper and Lower Canada, in addition to that, he became know, in in his first
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in 1882 he was appointed general Manager of the CPR and just two years later, became its vice-president. Four years after beings appointed vice president, he became president of the CPR. While he is know for many things, his most important project was the construction of the Canadian transcontinental Railway. Without him, it’s very likely that might not have been built, at least not in their life time. Many cities became heavily dependant on the railway, including Vancouver, and while some doubted it’s importance, when the CPR was rumoured to have gone bankrupt, Van Horne was the lead contributor to getting the government to provide the subsidies and guarantees it need to complete the main line’s construction. The railway showed it’s importance when Louis Riel led a rebellion, and Van Horne arranged to have supplies and troops sent across the partially finished

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