How Did Trudeau Impact Canada

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The craze of Trudeaumania is making a comeback since way back in 1968. Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is currently the headline for many newspapers all throughout Canada. However, the man whose footsteps Trudeau followed were his father’s, who was also Canada 's fifteenth Prime Minister. Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau was an extremely well known Prime Minister for Canada. He inspired many Canadians and rebuilt the nation. Trudeau has greatly impacted Canada during his sixteen years as Prime Minister. He had made many contributions and decisions for Canada while gaining respect from many Canadians. Trudeau gained great adoration and praise from the population, this admiration increased his fame which was named as Trudeaumania. Pierre Trudeau was an outstanding Prime Minister for Canada who made memorable …show more content…
Without Trudeau creating the Charter of Rights and Freedom Canadians would not have liberty. The Charter of Rights and Freedom was passed in 1982 and forms the first section of the Constitution Act. The Charter consists of sections filled with Canadian rights. This includes legalization to strengthen police power, giving Aboriginals more rights, and reducing restrictions on gambling, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, etc. The Charter of Rights and Freedom also states that everyone has their own language rights. Canadians now have the right to speak up and have freedom of speech because of Trudeau. Without the Charter of Rights and Freedom, Canada would feel similar to a jail cell with no one’s thoughts being taken into count. The Charter of Rights and Freedom made a huge, positive impact in Canada, and gave Canadians the free will to be able to express their own opinions. Trudeau is accepting of all people no matter their sexual orientation, race, etc. and wanted every Canadian to be respected and treated

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