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  • Essay For Scholarship

    skills I acquired from high school were the driving force that helped me to excel in my journey of college as a computer science major. From an early age, I have been excellent in mathematics and science subjects that involve computations. Furthermore, I have also had a great privilege to have excellent science teachers in my high school as I majored in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. As a supplement to my bachelor studies, I joined Dr. Frank Hahn’s research, An Associate Professor of Chemistry at Philander Smith College, in support by Private Summer Research Fund from the Office of Institutional Advancement at Philander Smith College. I worked on the research project that aimed at investigating optimized metal-bound amino acid structures, intrinsic thermochemical stability and reactivity of metal-bound amino acid complexes by theoretical semiempirical calculations for neuronal degenerative diseases. Through this research, I was introduced to ChemDraw pro and Chem3D ultra software. I used these software to construct 28 molecular 3D models found in neurodegenerative diseases for the theoretical quantum approximations. In addition, I used MOPAC interface for AM1(Austin Model 1) and MNDO (Modified Neglect of Diatomic Overlap) for structural computations of each of 28 molecular 3D models to obtain thermochemical heat of formations and other geometry information. žThe newly obtained thermochemical data and coordinated structural information will be useful to develop the drugs…

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  • I Am Applying For Graduate School

    I am applying to graduate school to explore how best to physically implement computation and how best to pass on what I learn to others. As physical devices get pushed to their limits, new design paradigms have begun to emerge across the spectrum of hardware architectures. This spectrum spans from prominent software-programmable devices, such as many-core CPUs and modern GPUs, to hardware-programmable technologies such as FPGAs. I am fascinated with the design challenges inherent in these and…

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  • Alan Turing's Theory Of Artificial Intelligence

    Since biological neural activity has not been proven to exclusively involve entities equivalent to bits – as a computer’s processor does – digital computation cannot be paralleled to the human brain. Consequently, a progressive approach to computation has been devised that is based off the theories of quantum mechanics, making it more accurate in comparison to biological systems. Quantum computers aim to harness the phenomenon that is experienced by atoms at a molecular level, and use it to…

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  • Summary: The Trouble With Women In Computing

    Journal Assignment The topic of interest I chose was gender in computer science, the diffences that are present and what are the current methods or practice available to tip the scale back into a balance. There were to main reason I choose this topic. The first is that computer is my field, I enjoy it and strive to learn every aspect of it. Second reason was that recently in the beginning of the fall semester Google started a new initiative to help women enter into the world of computer…

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  • Importance Of Ict Curriculum

    skills deficiency in the job market. Whilst the ICT curriculum PoS mainly concentrated on developing digital literacy skills, it did nothing to develop the fundamentals of computing. Thus the new computing curriculum was developed to teach how computers and computer systems work, to design and build programs, to develop and create ideas using technology. However, the notion that the new curriculum is fit for purpose is far from reality. 1. What is it that pupils need to learn? The new…

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  • Importance Of Quantum Computer

    Computers are all around us in our daily lives, from our phones to our gaming systems to even our watches. Where ever you go there is a computer, even in traffic lights. But makes computers so special in our lives, well they help us communicate with people, they help us solve algorithms, they help us make money, they are used in education and many more interesting things. Without computers in the world, most of the things happening everyday would stop. Most people know what computers are and how…

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  • Statement Of Sop In Engineering

    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Name: Nimmagadda Naga Sai Bhavishya Proposed Major:MS in Information Technology My interest in computers developed early from my childhood as young girl I always fascinated by all the wonders and comforts that science and engineering has given to mankind. This interest developed as I grew up and as gathered more knowledge about computers and was certainly influenced by family members who always encouraged me to pursue my career in engineering. This longing is the…

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  • Ethics Of Hacking

    Computers have evolved with time as people get more interested in how they work. Most of this technology has come from things that we use. Like phones, typewriters and other technology that has contributed to the functions and the innovations of computers. However, as this piece of technology continues to grow, so does the desire of people trying to crack the codes of this innovation. A general amount of people think computers are full of different kinds of mysteries, which cause them to lose…

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  • Computation And Regression Analysis

    Computations and Interpretation Mean = 7.02. After analyzing the scores of my population, I found that the mean average was 7.02 out of 10. This implies that the average student earned a “C” or 70% in the quiz. If I remove the outlier that consists of 0 out of 10 I believe that the average score would increase to a more meaningful average score. Median = 7. The median depicts how the center of all scores achieved was a “C”. The median may be a score or average of two, that is the farthest…

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  • Assignment Questions: Basic Computations: Questions And Answers

    If a problem is worth 2 points and you only show the answer, then you will receive only 1 point credit. If you use a calculator or online website, give the source and tell me exactly what you provided as input. For example, if you used Excel to compute 16 * 16, state “I typed =16*16 into Excel and got 256. You may type your answer right into this document. Part I. Basic Computations 1. According to the National Education Association , the average classroom teacher in the US…

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