Assignment Questions: Basic Computations: Questions And Answers

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Register to read the introduction… If a problem is worth 2 points and you only show the answer, then you will receive only 1 point credit. If you use a calculator or online website, give the source and tell me exactly what you provided as input. For example, if you used Excel to compute 16 * 16, state “I typed =16*16 into Excel and got 256. You may type your answer right into this document.

Part I. Basic Computations

1. According to the National Education Association , the average classroom teacher in the US earned $43,837 in annual salary for the 1999-2000 school year.

a. If the teachers receive an average salary increase of $1096, write out the first 6 terms of the sequence formed by the average salaries starting with the 1999-2000 school year. Explain how you got your answer. (1 point)

Answer: $50,837
Explanation: The formula is A₂ = (A₁ * 2.5%) + A₁ , A₁ = $43,837 therefore A₂ = $44,933 and we keep doing this for A₃ , A₄, A₅, A₆

b. Write the general form for the sequence. (1 point)

Answer: A₂ = (A₁ * 2.5%) + A₁
Explanation: Where Initially A₁ = $43,837 * 2.5% raise + $43,837 = A₂

c. Write the recursive formula for an. (1 point)

Answer: a sub (x) = a sub (x-1) * 2.6% + a sub
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Case Study The Mystery of the Missing Coulomb

This week Patty Madeye is going to be investigating the theft of a rare Orange Tiger Coulomb (shown at the right), which is owned by Madame Levare, who lives in West Floflux.

Since the jewels are quite valuable, Madam Levare stores them in the vault at the jeweler’s store, West FloFlux GemStone in downtown West FloFlux. Only certain lockboxes in the vault were touched – it seems that the thief knew exactly what he was looking for.

Task #1 – Patty’s first task is to determine the value of the jewels. She talks to the jeweler who created them and he estimates the value of the jewels in 1985 (when they were purchased) at $65,000. The value is thought to increase (appreciate) by $1500 per year. If this is true, how much would the jewels be worth in 2010? Explain how you arrived at your answer. (4 points)


Task #2 - Patty talks to the jeweler and discovers that he remembers the 4-digit combination to the main vault in the store by writing it down in summation form. Here’s what he wrote:

The combination is written in summation form, but some of the notation is cut off from where the paper is ripped. You’ll need to figure out the full equation so that Patty can get into the vault to investigate. (4

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