Importance Of Ict Curriculum

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We have come to an end of an era as the old ICT Curriculum is replaced by a more up-to-date Computing Curriculum Programme of Study (PoS) that will enhance the learning of the pupils and prepare them for the “digital world” we live in. According to Education Secretary Michael Gove, the current ICT curriculum has not been able to equip and prepare the children to the “new world” and that there is a need to “develop skills for the 21st century” to eradicate the skills deficiency in the job market.

Whilst the ICT curriculum PoS mainly concentrated on developing digital literacy skills, it did nothing to develop the fundamentals of computing. Thus the new computing curriculum was developed to teach how computers and computer systems work, to design and
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Computing like maths and English is a cross-curriculum subject and it is essential to continue using ICT to support classroom learning. But who is responsible for this? Will the software be taught by a non-technical teacher or by the ICT teacher?

It has also been said that the old ICT curriculum did not provide skilled employees and there is a skill shortage in the employment market. This is due to the low uptake of computing at KS4 and KS5 and lack of demand from the higher education institution (Nurse, 2012). As the requirements for IT is set to rise, the gap has to be closed.

Looking at the bulleted list for KS3 PoS, almost three quarters of the points is focused on CS rather than on a balanced curriculum. There is a risk of important elements such as DL and e-safety being neglected. However it can also be argued that some portions, like programming requires more time to learn the concepts, apply and create than using say Word to create a document. Then again, will all children require to learn programming and which will be more beneficial for their

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