The Importance Of Technology On Education

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Society has said that technology either benefits or hinders education. Within this essay I will address the various aspects of how technology has benefited education. The various types of technology that have benefited education are smartboards, the Internet, and Microsoft Office programs. Technology can also hinder education, because it sometimes becomes a distraction within the classroom for some students. On the whole, I feel that technology has helped promote literacy, writing, and reading. One aspect of education that technology has benefited is better access to. In medieval times, only the elite had access to books and a variety of educational opportunities. Now, those amounts of information have been made available by the evolution …show more content…
When students are allowed to have their phones or laptops during class, they tend to be focused on their devices instead of what is being discussed in class. Allowing students to have their phones or laptops during class can distract the students from what the professor is trying to teach them.
Technology’s influence on education, reading, and writing today varies. Technology is both helpful and harmful within the classroom, and also outside of the classroom. It is helpful because of the variety of educational applications and websites one can use while studying. Yet can also be viewed as harmful, because students can be easily distracted by something that appears on their laptops or their phone screens.
Technology can help students learn computer literacy skills throughout their time in school. If someone has trouble reading, they have access to different types of audio books online and offline. There are even computer applications that help you learn different languages. Students also have access to websites to check their papers for grammar and punctuation errors, or to see if a paper has any plagiarized

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