The Effects Of Using Cell Phones As Educational Tools

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Cell Phones as Educational Tools
Many times this year composition one students have needed to use their cell phones for educational purposes, but school rules prevented us. Composition one is a class that requires the engagement of technology. What do students do when the computer lab is overbooked, and they cannot get to a computer to research a given topic? Typically, students would use the resource that is at their fingertips: the cell phone. In today’s world, over half of the young adolescent population have cell phones, access to the World Wide Web. According to “Using Cell Phones in the Classroom”, in 2006 only nineteen percent of computing devices were mobile. Now that number has skyrocketed to a whopping fifty seven percent (Curriculum
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Everywhere one looks there is technology. According to “Effects of Technology in Classroom and Students” kids start to use technology at very young age technology is always changing, and kids need to be able to keep up with these changes (Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students 1). Technology advances daily. College and the workforce rely on technology for just about everything. For example factories now use robots to make furniture, cars, and clothes. They must have workers who are willing to embrace this type of technology. Therefore schools must be able to prepare students for this real life challenge. Not only have factories turned to technology, but also now students can go to school or college virtually. Students do not even have to show up to a classroom because they have class online or a video chatted lesson. The business world uses cell phones and other mobile devices every day. For example, the business leader may have a meeting they cannot make it across the country, so they just do a conference call on video chat. Even though it is scary to think but technology is taking over everywhere. Our society is going to just have to jump in and adjust, and allowing cell phones in the classroom is great …show more content…
They will say that cellphones are being used as a cyber-bullying tool instead of a communication tool for teachers and students. Bagaria states that’s cell phones can be used to take photos of other kids doing something awkward and text the pictures to friends. Gossip spreads like wildfire, after all (1). Kids are hurt more on the Internet than in person because every teen these days use the Internet. Cyberbullying is very hurtful and cell phones at school makes it easier for this type of bullying take place. While I agree cyberbullying is a great problem in schools, cell phones at school is not the only cause of cyberbullying. The cell phone is not the problem when it comes to bullying. Bullying is going happen either way it goes. The school should get a handle on the bully not the use of cell phones. Cell phones have a lot of good purposes and should be allowed in the school

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