Downfall Of Technology Essay

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The Downfall of Technology in Classrooms
Intro: Younger generations are using technology more often and educators want to use their knowledge of new technology for their education. Schools across the nation are investing in newer technology in hopes of engaging students in exciting ways. But there are many disadvantages to using technology in the classroom and in the end they outweigh the advantages. With a greater access to the internet and all of its information a big problem arises, cheating becomes much easier. Students will always find a way to become distracted by their technology. Teachers do not know how to effectively use newer technology, if the even know how to use it at all. Lastly, newer technology is expensive and where schools
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Teachers need to know how to use the technology. Many teachers use “educational strategies” (Rosen, 4) that were used in the past and simply transferred the content from a whiteboard to a PowerPoint on a smart board. Why waste time and energy on something that is more or less the same style of teaching, just on a different media? Throughout Rosen’s book, Rewired: Understanding The iGeneration And The Way They Learn, he references the fact that the current generation of students are completely different from what teachers have seen in the past. As a result of that, students learn unlike anything teachers have experienced. Technology is advancing so quickly that while teachers are being trained in the newest technology, even newer technology is being created. By the time teachers graduate their students have already become bored with the way they were trained to use technology in their classrooms.
Getting the technology: Much of the funding comes from taxpayers and the bills for equipping a school with technology are extremely high. If teachers do not know how to use technology correctly to engage students then it’s a waste of money. Schools need to have a plan on how to use their technology; if they don’t then they are just hoping on the bandwagon and having fancy technology just to have it. If the funding does not come from the taxpayers then it comes
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Some devices are useful, like computers, but schools should not be constantly worried about getting the latest technology for their students. Cheating is easier when there is more access to websites, but if too much is blocked then doing work can become a hindrance. Technology is used everyday by students and usually in a recreational manner. Switching from recreational use to educational can be difficult. Teachers cannot be trained fast enough in current technology and when they finally are many students find it outdated and boring. Technology is expensive and many schools do not make plans that use the technology to their full potential; if they have a plan at all. Many schools want to become more technologically friendly. There is a correct way to do this and a wrong way. Unfortunately schools do it the wrong way. They think that all they have to do is provide the technology and things will work out, but a lot of work needs to go into the planning of using different technologies to engage

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