Cell Phones In School Research

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Hello, I’m Nate Sunker and I’m writing to on the urgent matter of cell phone use in secondary schools. This is an outdated policy that is overlooked by so many school executives who are chiefly looking at outdated studies and research. Newer research has shown that today’s cell phones are able to let students connect with the topic, communicate and keep safe, and improve students’ abilities inside and outside of school. Because of that, this issue cannot be ignored, and needs to be solved by the start of school this fall.

To start off, Cell phones can be used to delve deeper into class at school and at home. According to the University of Southern California, Students can use their phones for research, educational games, and learning about
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Buzzle reports that kids can stay safer by reporting bullying on their phones. THis is a more convenient method for many students, and they may feel more comfortable on their phones. Teachers can also assign things to their students at times when not in school. (“8 Hugely Undervalued Positive Effects of Technology on Society”). This discusses how many students feel more comfortable talking to people on their phone, creating a safer space to keep safe. According to Alissa Fleck from howtoadult.com, “Texting allows teenagers to say things they might be uncomfortable bringing up in person, helping introverts better reach out to others and express themselves.” (“Texting & Its Positive Impact on Teens”) Imagine a world where a student who doesn’t feel confident in society with themselves can express themselves on their phones, building up confidence to become successful in all of their social encounters. KwikBoost claims that cell phones can be used in case of an emergency. (“7 Reasons Why Students Should be Allowed to Use Cell Phones in School”). This is true, because if something happens at school, and a student can’t access any of the other emergency solutions, this can save a life. Many people agree, that communication in schools is very important, and that cell phones are an effective solution to the …show more content…
According to KwikBoost, cell phones in schools can teach responsibility and make students happy. According to a study, student happiness drastically improves efficiency and performance. (¨7 Reasons Why Students Should be Allowed to Use Cell Phones in School¨). This is showing how students different moods can change their performance. Alissa Fleck´s article on howtoadult.com, cell phones improve teen literature skills. It has also been found to reduce negative moods in students. (¨Texting & Its Positive Impact on Teens¨) If a student never got in a bad mood, imagine how many negative situations could have been avoided. In addition, Scholastic.com’s David Rapp says that phones are important, so students can be prepared for a real life job. He says that students also become more productive, and when given the privilege of a phone, they are less likely to abuse it. (“Lift the Cell Phone Ban”). This could be the way to stopping cell phone rule

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