The Dangers Of Cell Phones In High School

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Cell phones are part of the everyday attire for a middle and high school student. Kids now a days are getting cell phone while still in elementary school. As students get ready in the morning, they can not forget their cell phone. Or else they will not survive throughout the day without talking to their friends via twitter, snapchat, text messages, and many more social media sites. But yet they are at school to learn and to focus on what being taught.
Just about every student in a high school setting has a cell phone on them at any given point during the day at school. Teachers think that students aren’t doing their work if they are on their phone. That may not always be the case, but usually the students are doing something they shouldn’t
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As a student living in Ohio, we have unchangeable weather, strange things happen at school, plans change, sport events get cancelled, happen to get sick at school, the list could go on why cell phones really aren’t that bad in a school setting. According to the article Cell Phones in School stated that, “Supporters point out that vast numbers of parents and children depend on cell phones to communicate their daily whereabouts and activities, to coordinate rides and pick-ups, and to update each other on changes in schedule”(Ballaro, B., & Ginsburg, J., 2016., para. 4). As a high school student this situations occur when our parents are at work and we can not call them. Sending them a quick texting telling them what is going on and letting the parents read the message when they have the chance too. Students who do online assignments are comfortable with the device, they know how to use it, they can easily read what is needed. Whereas, using a …show more content…
Who has heard of that? Students in school have not known school without the use of the internet. Some of the older teachers on the only hand have known life and school without the internet at the reach of your fingers. The younger teachers are the ones who have finished college in the last 5 years and know how much cell phones really do. Compared to your older teachers who have a flip phone or even a smart phone, but don’t understand how to use it. According to Cell Phone Regulations are not Necessary they stated that“Teachers’ negative reactions to cell phones may in part be due to their own unfamiliarity with the technology” (George, P., & Cook, K., 2016., para. 8). As a student using the internet every day and a cell phone every day not just to text or use social media, students use their cell phones for educational purposes. Many students have downloaded the Google Classroom app so they are able to do school work on their phones when they do not have a computer in

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