Should Cell Phones Be Banned In Schools?

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Did you know that elementary school exams and test scores have increased by over 6 percent ever since phones have been banned from schools? As a student, I am faced with the problem of having cell phones in classrooms. Most students enjoy bringing their devices. However, some do not always use them for the proper uses. In fact, some people say that it is important that students bring their phones to school. Despite the fact that cell phones may be used for educational purposes, phones should still be banned from schools due to texting and posting, cyberbullying, and a use for non - educational purposes.

First of all, one way phones can be a distraction is because of the fact that students might cyberbully each other which could potentially
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This is probably one of the biggest and if not, the biggest problem there is about having cellphones in class. During classes in school, students could possibly play games, text or do so much more. Because of this, student won’t focus as much on what they are supposed to be learning and focus more on their devices. For an instance, students could possibly be hiding their phones beneath the desk and be texting to their friends during lessons. Another problem about children using their phones for non - educational purposes in school is that they could potentially cheat on school work (Kinjo Kiema). For example, some people might hide their phones during a test and search up the answers so that they get good grades. This is bad in 2 ways. One is the fact that you’re not supposed to be cheating in the first place and two, cheating on a test won’t prove how you are really doing in academics in school. All of these things can be major distractions in school and all students shouldn’t do the things I have mentioned above. So how do we fix this? It’s simple. Instead of banning phones permanently, teachers could put up signs in front of the classroom or tell the students in advanced when they will need their devices for work. This will prevent students from using their cell phones for non - …show more content…
To prevent this from happening, all schools should ban phones within the classrooms to keep the learning in the schools clean and distraction free. Overall, I hope you have changed your opinion on banning cellphones in

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