Persuasive Essay: Should Children Have Cell Phones?

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Why children should have a cellphone
In todays society cell phones are devices that many teenagers/adults can’t manage without. For many teenagers and adults, it is hard to go to work or school without their cell phone. Back in the day cell phones were mostly used to call and send text messages, they didn’t have big fancy touchscreens like we have today. Cell phones today have evolved into something much bigger. You can now do tasks that your computer can do on a cell phone. But how old should you be when you get your own cell phone? and is it a bad idea to give children under fifteen their own cell phone, in this essay I will be writing about why children under fifteen should get their own cell phone.

First of all, one big reason to give
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How would it feel to not have a cell phone when almost everybody in you class has one? the answer is not good you would feel left out. While everyone is on their smartphone playing games, talking with each other on social media and the list goes on. To feel left out is something a parent newer want their children to feel. Buying cellphones these days is very common they aren´t as expensive as they used to be, smartphone brands like Samsung, Motorola and Htc comes out with many new cell phones every year, and you obviously don´t have to buy your kids the best one you could settle on a mid range phone for your kids.

To sum up kids should have their own cell phone, but they have to be at a certain age and responsible enough to have one. Nevertheless, one negative point I can think of with having a cell phone is that you get addicted to using it all the time, despite this you as a parent could set alarms or timers on your children´s smartphone so they have to give it to you after the alarm or timer goes off. if you are worried that your kids could visit a website that isn’t suited for them you could easily block the

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