The Negative Impact Of Cell Phones On Children

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Just about anywhere you go in today’s society you will find almost everyone oblivious to their surroundings. Texting, chatting, and or scrolling through Facebook on their cell phones. However, just how young is too young for children to be doing the same? It isn’t safe or healthy for children under twelve to be using cell phones daily or to have cell phones at such a young age. As the years go by children are becoming more interested in technology. Kids end up having cell phones before they even turn thirteen. With the medical issues, social disadvantages, and the impact it can play on children’s brain development are the few reasons why children under thirteen shouldn’t have cell phones. Today a lot of children have cell phones or use …show more content…
Through little things like this children learn how to be responsible and care for something as expensive as a phone to little things like not misplacing their personal belongings. Cell phones can also play a role into a child’s social interaction. After all, cell phones are used for communication. Through cell phones children can learn how to communicate through social media, texting, and even calling. Texting can help children with spelling as well as how to effectively form a sentence. These are just a few reasons as to why cell phones can be beneficial to young and even children in their teenage years. Even with the great advantages of cell phones children still shouldn’t be allowed to have or even play on cell phones for a long period. Cell phones do help social interaction but it also plays a huge role in harming children as well as adults ability to socialize one on one. An article on the Pennsylvania State University by Voegil stated …show more content…
Social skills are a vital part of learning for young children. (3) Cell phones can also harm rather than educate children. Children start to relay on cell phones for the answers to their school work rather than using their brains. Come test time they can’t remember the information needed for the test. Besides, seeking answers on their phones, children spend too much time playing on cell phones and not doing homework or regular class work. Cell phones for these reasons can all together cause children to have poor academic grades. Yes, there are many educational apps but who’s to say that children are using the apps. Nevertheless, young children should not have cell phones. As children grow so should their minds and cell phones can prevent major brain development. Cell phones have a terrible role on children’s health and social skills. Is that what we want for our future generation, uneducated due to the daily use of cell phones. Therefore, parents should wait before giving their children cell phones too early in

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