Disadvantages Of Smartphone In Education

In the current environment it is quite difficult to spend time without our smartphone. Beside the drawbacks it is obvious for all of us the benefits of smartphone. However, smartphone mainly used by the young generation for communication purpose, which is messaging and sharing information through different social media. Communication now days becomes global and takes a form of electronic transformation. It is apparent that people communicate and share information with smartphone much more before. The development of mobile technology along its simplicity contribute to this extensive use. Many people around the world engaged in texting and messaging via smartphones. People prefer text messaging than email or other form of formal letter writing. …show more content…
Texting language do not follow syntactic and grammatical rules. Users tend to use it as an officially accepted and standard language and thus make various spelling and grammatical errors. This affects a lot English language teaching system. This effect realised by many teachers in the academic writing (Aziz et al 2013).

In terms of education smartphone provide us a diversified opportunity in the learning process and education. This furthered from time to time because of the supply of smartphones and the availability of internet. Researches showed that most of American adults have a perception of that the usage of smartphone has a favourable impact on education of the young. Generally, students can access various application to support their study by the assistance of technology (Yavuz, 2016)
Moreover, smartphone has an adverse impact on education. Extensive use or extreme dependant on smartphone leads to addiction, which means without the need of communication people trying to keep communication and finding some one in the social network. Although use of smartphone make life easier and convenient, beyond the limit it reduces and kills our cognitive. People now days lost memory, they always try to use the search engine of their smartphone because people becomes lazy than before due to the emergence of smartphone (Kukulska-Hulme,
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This development accompanied by text messaging. The text message usually exchanged by portable devices, currently smartphones. This research tries to study the contribution of Smartphone usage on the development of informal English writing. The study used secondary data, based on contents analysis.

The result showed that digital technologies including social networks besides their benefits they contribute a lot so as to people experiencing the short form of SMS and Text messages. Extensive use of smartphones and other moveable devices started already impacting the learning processes in many disciplines. Students who use extensively these devices may engage in the activity of shaping their surroundings, this leads to mixing formal and informal learning (Kukulska , 2009).

Although SMS and Text messages have a benefit of communicating people with a short number of words, slangs, symbols and figures. It contributes a lot to the development of non-formal English language. This evidenced by some research that students mixed academic writing with informal writing. Moreover, this activity induces laziness on people and adversely affect the memory of people. (Janin-Starr, 2014; Purcell et al., 2013; Aziz et al, 2013; Kukulska-Hulme, 2009; Yavuz, 2016). Messaging adversely affected the formal or academic English writing. This further amplified by the extensive usage of

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