Uses Of Smartphones In Education

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In today’s world the vast majority of people have integrated their smartphone into their everyday life. Todays smartphone is not only a voice communication device but a camera, a gps, a internet browser, a video camera and many other things and undoubtedly inventors will come out with new functions that we can only imagine. Can today’s educators integrate the smartphone into their everyday teaching responsibilities? My research answers this question with a resounding yes. Many research studies show that the use of computers and smartphones improve many basic skills learned in your core classes as well as test scores, reading and writing skills and educators have come up with a large number of methods to use smartphones in their coursework and even in the real world employers constantly use smartphones to keep track of many different things.
Peer reviewed research establishes that computers can enhance learning. An analysis ran by the office of the commissioner of the Kentucky Department of
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The teachers of today can either choose to embrace it or fight it but eventually there will come a time when the fighting will stop and teachers around the world will accept the fact that indeed smartphones can be used as a helpful and useful educational tool. Research has shown in many cases that the use of smartphones has improved many qualities of learning and there are many examples of that being told in the real world today. Many great companies get through to their consumers through the use of social media and they do a huge deal of advertising making it possible for their smartphone using consumers to see those advertisements making gaining customers that much easier. With the use of smartphones in education comes with the possibility of cheating but undoubtedly the reward overcomes any chance that there will ever be too big of a problem making the use of smartphones

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