Symmetric-key algorithm

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  • Nt1310 Unit 7 Assignment 1

    & networking (level 7) Assessment W1: Cryptography Prepared By: Karanjot Singh Deol Table of Contents 1 Task 1: Cryptography- their methods to do and how it used in IT environment: 1 Cryptography 1 Methods of doing cryptography: 2 Symmetric key Encryption 2 Asymmetric Keyencryption 3 How to secure our encrypted data: 4 Integrity: 4 Overview of cryptography: 6 Conclusion: 6 Task 2: Applications of cryptography in Electronic Transactions and VPNs 7 Cryptography in VPNs 7 Secure Electronic Transactions 9 Task 3: Windows and their authentication methods from NT to Latest Windows Environment? 10 Authentication: 10 Types…

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  • Symmetric Encryption Vs Blowfish Algorithm

    Abstract— the focus in this paper is on the symmetric encryption. There are some basic information about this type of cryptography will be reviewed. Then, symmetric cryptography advantages and problems will be covered. After that, comparison on several symmetric algorithms are discussed. These algorithms are DES, Triple DES, AES, RC2, RC4, RC6, and Blowfish. Keywords—Cryptography, Symmetric Encryption, Encryption, Decryption, DES, Triple DES, AES, RC2, RC4, RC6, Blowfish. I. INTRODUCTION…

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  • Sensor Network Case Study

    Only one single key is saved in the nodes ' memory and once enforced in the network, there is no requirement for a node to perform key exchange or key discovery, however, all the nodes in communication coverage area can transfer messages employing the key which they already share. On the other side, this strategy suffers a serious disadvantage that adjustment of a single node would lead compromise of the whole network by the shared key. Hence it fails in offering the basic secure need of a…

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  • Bilinear Complexity Assumptions

    1.2. Previous Work The first symmetric key schemes for keyword search over encrypted data are proposed in [27]. The authors consider a setting in which the sender of file encrypts each word of a file separately. Goh [15] proposed a method for secure index using Bloom filters and introduced the notion of semantic security against adaptive chosen-keyword attacks. Determining whether a file contains a keyword can be done securely in constant time. In the public key setting, Boneh et al.[5] first…

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  • P Vs. NP Problem: The Greatest Unsolved Problem In Mathematics And Computer Science

    Abstract— The P vs NP problem is still one of the greatest unsolved problem in Mathematics and computer Science. This survey paper is intended to explain what P vs NP problem is and what are the advances that have been made to solve this problem and How closer are we to solve this problem and what is its status i.e. Is P = NP? Keywords— Polynomial, Non - Determinsitic, P, NP, NPC Reductions, Reducibility, Reductions, certificate, complexity I. INTRODUCTION What is P vs NP? Why it is important to…

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  • Cloud Robotics In Cloud Robots

    of the algorithmic processes is a good example of what can be attained using algorithms. This paper is bent on focusing on practical differences in which algorithms are used in solving problems (phishing) through in-depth understanding of the problem and then formulating it as well as using comparative analysis in the same. Introduction Algorithm brings together values taken up as input which produces some other value or a set of values which implies that they are paths used to attain a given…

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  • Difference Between Electronic Signature And Digital Signature

    Digital Signature are used in network security are as follows: Application of digital signature is on the upward push because of the reality of felony and technological developments, alongside with authorities initiated solid market demand for secured transactions on the Internet. Digital signature capacities contain encoding messages such that totally authentic parties are in a part to decrypt the message. Two separate however interrelated 'keys' perceived as public key and Privet key elevate…

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  • Essay On Cyberspace

    Computers and technology at large have change the lives of many people in the world both positively and negatively. Computers have unveiled many things which have greatly influenced our lives. This has made many teachers and students to adopt their use in classrooms. However, the use of computers in our classrooms have been characterized by over reliance on them. Cyber space have also played key roles in our lives. For instance there is increase in the number of research paper done each day…

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  • Math Personal Statement

    A relationship with numbers and codes is my fate. I learned math for an Olympic Mathematics Competition that I’ve been involved in since I was 9 years old. I became familiar with algorithms like congruence, Horner algorithm and graph theory before I could use a computer. Now as a senior in the school of mathematics at XX University, one of the top three mathematical schools in China. I chose math as my major to build a good mathematical foundation to thoroughly learn about computer science. With…

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  • Zappos's Core Values

    With a computer science degree from Harvard, Tony knew how to write code, and he decided to try a similarly algorithmic approach to creating culture. He devised a Ten-Commandments-type list (Exhibit III) that included such tenets as, “Be Humble”, “Create fun and a little weirdness” and “Build open and honest relationships with communication.” From that moment, those core values have driven all key decisions – from hiring to customer relationships to, most recently, downsizing. Tony explained,…

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