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  • Voldemort Essay On Love And Loyalty

    As I analyzed how Voldemort and his servants exemplified love and loyalty, I saw how they had strong love and loyalty but it was self-centered. Selfishness and fear were the main motivations of Voldemort for bringing about his plan of getting rid of Muggle-born wizards and taking control of the wizard government or destroying it if refused to comply with his vision. He was selfish because he was afraid of being defeated and losing his power. He did not care about who lived and who died in the struggle to obtain what he wanted but as long as he got what he wanted in the end he would be happy. Voldemort did not care about what happened to his servants as long his quest for power was met. Voldemort loved his servants in a way, but that love was selfish. He only used them to get what he wanted. Voldemort told Harry in the first book that “there is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to seek it” (Rowling 291). All Voldemort cared about was getting what he wanted and maintaining his control and power. When Lord Voldemort sought to kill the Potters, he was doing it out of selfishness. There was a prophecy that referred to himself and one who would stand against him and that neither one could live while the other survived. Voldemort believed that it was Harry Potter who would stand against him and he went to kill Harry as a baby so the prophecy would be fulfilled in his favor and he would rid himself of his enemy. This action showed how Voldemort was loyal to his fears and…

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  • Hogwarts: Plot Summary

    harry potter spends the summer with The Dursleys without receiving letters from his Hogwarts friends. Harry is desperate to return to Hogwarts as soon as possible because the Dursleys have been treating him very badly ever since he got home from his first term. In his room, Harry meets Dobby, a house-elf, who warns Harry bad things will happen if he returns to Hogwarts, and reveals he intercepted his friends' letters. The Dursleys lock Harry up, but Ron, Fred and George Weasley rescue him in…

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  • Mother In Orphan Literature

    Harry Potter series as an expression of the monomyth: A hero [Harry Potter] ventures forth from the world of common day [the muggle world] into a region of supernatural wonder [the wizarding world]: fabulous forces [magic spells] are there encountered and a decisive victory is won [Harry defeats Voldemort]: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man [Harry is the “Chosen One,” a living legend, and a leader]. We can apply Campbell's…

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  • Harry Potter Hero's Journey

    stories have similar layouts that uncover the basics of everyday human life. The hero 's journey is so popular because it lays out plot that most viewers can relate to in their everyday life. Although not everyone is fighting dark magic, we all see a little bit of ourselves in every plot that follows Joseph Campbell 's theory. The twelve stage cycle and descriptive archetypes that identify the hero 's journey can be matched to all of the Harry Potter series but is most prominent in the Sorcerer…

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  • Children Literature Research Paper

    understand the dark and complex secrets surrounding his fragile community when he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of memories. This is an intriguing and profoundly thoughtful story. This is a wonderful book written by a highly versatile and inventive writer. 5. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings Harry Porter had never even heard of the Hogwarts Magic School when his admission letters started dropping on the doormat at number 4, Privet Drive where he lived with…

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