Cryptography Essay

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Diploma in computing & networking (level 7) Assessment W1: Cryptography Prepared By: Karanjot Singh Deol

Table of Contents 1
Task 1: Cryptography- their methods to do and how it used in IT environment: 1
Cryptography 1
Methods of doing cryptography: 2
Symmetric key Encryption 2
Asymmetric Keyencryption 3
How to secure our encrypted data: 4
Integrity: 4
Overview of cryptography: 6
Conclusion: 6
Task 2: Applications of cryptography in Electronic Transactions and VPNs 7
Cryptography in VPNs 7
Secure Electronic Transactions 9
Task 3: Windows and their authentication methods from NT to Latest Windows Environment? 10
Authentication: 10
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Earlier we find out about cryptography their types and how it works. Now in this task we talk about the some applications of cryptography and how it will be effective.
Cryptography in VPNs: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically it is a virtual connection or tunnel between two different sites via internet. It’s very important to make this connection secure so the third person unable to manipulate the information going through this network. To do this IPsec protocol is used. The main objectives of IPsec are confidentiality, integrity, authentication an anti-spam. IPsec encrypts data between various devices like router to router, firewall to router etc.
The widely used application of IPsec VPN is gateway to gateway communication which allows users to communicate securely to remote sites over the internet. When user starts his communication session with a server on the other network the security policy configured for IPsec VPN encrypts the data and route to the other network over the internet. At the remote side encrypted data received by the router and IPsec gateway decrypted this session and transfer to the server and to the particular
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As we know cryptography is process of encryption and decryption of our original information into secret message and vice versa. Two famous methods of cryptography are symmetric key and asymmetric key. In symmetric key a common key is used for both encryption and decryption of message. The widely used algorithm for this is DES. Asymmetric key cryptography is much more secure because it used two keys private and public. If message is encrypted with private key then it decrypted only with sender’s public key and vice versa.

Task 3: Windows and their authentication methods from NT to Latest Windows Environment?
Authentication: Authentication is the process to identify the individual. It basically depends upon the username and passwords. In any network authentication is very vital term because security of network is depend upon it. Authentication is responsible to decide who will access the network resources or not.
Types of authentications:

Log on authentication: In this method user confirmed his identity by entering password, inserting smartcard, providing security pin or through voice prompts to log on into the

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