Home Area Network Case Study

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The interconnection of computers within each other and advantage that go with networking has made a road into every household. due to the reduce in pricing of personal computers(pc) and networking hardware has further helped the household person to intake what is popular termed as home area network(HAN) . With the latest version of operating system that are available in market including network wizards that make configuring home area network very simple for the local people. Anyone can connect their pc with switch and power on the equipment and immediately he/she is having a home area network in their own place.
In America, most of the people love to work and play on their computer
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The main issue with the HANs is that administrative right being granted to all user. Moreover the poor password control. No control over the backup of sensitive data individually or system wide, in place.

THE HAN/BAN use case diagram of actors , logical interface, and networks was derived from the DR,H2G,I2G and AMI system diagram of the FERC4+2 diagram develop by the EPRI team for the NIST phase 1 project. This HAN diagram capture the key interface used by the business processes described in the following section.

As given for the specific risk, there are the five strategies available to security decision maker to mitigate risk: avoidance, reduction spreading, transfer and acceptance. The goal of most security programs is to reduce risk. Risk mitigation is accomplished by decreasing the threat level by eliminating or intercepting the advisory before they attack, blocking opportunities through enhanced security, or reducing the consequences if an attack should occur. Without question, the best strategy for the mitigation risk is a combination of all three element, decreasing threats, blocking opportunities and reducing
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HAN security task would depend on the technology, hardware, software and the kind of the public access (internet) connection used. The attempt of this paper is to come up with the last list of actions that need to be taken to secure most HANs. The consideration of the activities below begins with more general to the specific.
The use of anti-virus and anti-spyware program.
Use of poor password.
Use of default password and change with firewall make the backup of the rules.

After all the finding done above it is concluded that there are number of security issue that exist with the HANs. However the little attention to the configuration of the HAN will address a large number of HAN configuration. Since the security is not a onetime product it will continue till the product is alive. And with the HANs security it can be trusted confidently by the private, commercial or official purposes. It likely that with the upcoming of WLANs by HANs the need for security only increase. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid to such HANs when these are integrated with the wired

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