The War Of 1812: S Effect On America's Impact On The United States

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The War of 1812 made a huge impact on America 's identity as an independent and powerful nation. Before the war, Britain made no attempts to control America, or even communicate. The two nations lived separately in peace, with a few disturbances, but mostly no contact. However, when the Napoleonic Wars started in Europe, Britain needed more troops to be victorious against France. To solve this problem, Britain took advantage of America as if they were still under control, and captured any American sailors they could find. This atrocity to America was called impressment. Britain would force the captured sailors to serve in their Navy to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. Anyone who refused would be taken prisoner. A similar incident happened to the American ship Chesapeake …show more content…
The war killed approximately fifteen-thousand Americans, along with ninety-three million dollars spent, not counting debt. Since the war was fought mainly in America, the nation’s population suffered diseases, along with many buildings burned including the White House in D.C.. America was left in a fragile state when the war ended, but for what? The Napoleonic Wars already ended by the time, so British stopped impressing sailors anyway. The Treaty of Ghent, the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812, stated nothing about what America was fighting for in the first place: the rights of neutral U.S. ships, and the impressment of U.S. sailors. All the treaty did was enact peace and clear out land around the Great Lakes for Americans to populate. All the suffering America experienced could have been avoided if America just waited out the Napoleonic Wars. Peace would resume between the nations and no violence would be needed. The citizens of America caused tons of casualties and damage because of their arrogance, so therefore, the War of 1812 was unnecessary because of all the casualties, damage, and

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