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  • Characteristics Of Music Producers

    cost over $100,000 for clips. Though we still use the 7”, 45 rpm, today’s record business is album oriented. Which means they have to come out with 10 or 12 sides. The competition today each cut has to be a gem, meaning 10 or 12 arrangements, more mixing and studio time, tape and musicians. (Gerardi 94-95). Music producing is very competitive. The recording industry is a continual state flux. New music, new markets, new technology, and new ways of doing business are always redefining the way how music producers perform their jobs. Computer technology is simplifying the mixing and recording process while opening new views for creativity. (“Music Producers 632”). The artist are the ones who pay the producers. They are responsible for the royalties, no…

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  • Causes Of The Decline Of Record Labelss

    ever wonder why artist do a lot of campaigning or advertisement? This is why. The record labels take most of what they make from it. In order for an artist to live they have to do a lot of commercials and campaigns. In some cases artists work in Hollywood movies, fan clubs, and even write books, but the labels still make a profit for everything the artist does even if they have no part in it (Donnelly, 2010). The artist is now a brand of whatever major label they came from. The 360 deal is more…

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  • Shepard Fairey Research Paper

    Illustrators and artists should be allowed to use photographs under the copyright “Fair Use” without having to pay any royalties to, or ask permission from to the original photographer or copyright holder. If the new work is transformative of the original photograph, then artists should be able to use photographs in their work because they serve as inspiration just as other art forms do. Shepard Fairey was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1970 (“Obey Giant” CV). He graduated with a B.A.…

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  • Fae Music Case Study

    The issues are (i) whether Eason and Faye are partners of FAE Music; (ii) whether they are liable for breach of contract with (a) studio musicians and (b) Andy, for (c) copyright infringement against Andy and (d) destruction of the recording equipment; and (iii) if yes, whether they can share the liabilities with Ringo. Partnership Faye, Adele and Eason signed a written agreement providing for each of them to share the business’ profits and defining their respective responsibilities in FAE…

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  • Good For The Music Industry

    They negotiate contracts without labels and artists who may have a bigger pull and can get a bigger share for their plays over anyone less popular. Spotify announced they paid out $500 million in royalties from 2008 to 2012. They’ve since said they’ve doubled their userbase, but it remains to be seen fair and viable for artists in a 16 billion dollar per year industry. But Spotify is still ancillary overall. As an artist, you can’t go straight from nothing to Spotify. You have to have some sort…

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  • Evolution Of Royalty

    We ensure our royalty by honoring our ancestors who humbled themselves so we can be prideful, by the way we carry ourselves, and by paving a path for our posterity.’s definition of royalty is: having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family. Meaning royalty should be treated with dignity. Even if they are held to the lowest of standards? Are they still deserving of respect and honor? When the word ‘royalty’ rattles the atmosphere people usually think of…

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  • Berkleeice Argumentative Essay

    Students come to Berklee to do the impossible in the music industry. Innovation and creativity are what drive the industry forward. Berklee graduates are helped guided for careers as entrepreneurs in the fast changing music business. Entrepreneurialism is fast paced and is the most valuable asset for students to enhance in the competitive music environment Recently Berklee has launched a project that will help foster the creation of a new service/project/business that will help some the major…

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  • A Career In The Music Industry Analysis

    them. They do this by giving and exploiting royalties and then collecting the royalties on behalf of the songwriters. The publishers are responsible for ensuring that the songwriters and composers receive payment when their songs are played commercially. The publishing companies have to help the public to understand the importance of copyright in the music industry as it is a very big issue. If a song hasn’t been copyrighted (Either recorded or written down), then the lyrics or musical content…

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  • Planning Feasibility Study: Demline

    Planning Feasibility Study Simoné Richards Introduction When turning on the radio on the way to work or coming back from school, one thing is certain: the same musicians’ songs are played again and again. The music industry is one of the most competitive and hardest industries to break into as an artist. So how do the young adults playing guitar in their bedrooms turn into the platinum selling super stars? The answer will soon be simple… Demline. Business Idea Demline is an online platform…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Demline

    Demline is a website that allows musicians to submit their demos for the company to listen to. Demline sorts through the submissions and forwards the ones with high potential to some of the artist’s preferred record companies. This process changes the way that musicians enter the industry, making it more accessible and efficient. The ease of use will be beneficial to both the musicians and the record companies. Artists pay a small fee per song they upload, and record companies pay a set amount…

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