RQ-4 Global Hawk

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  • The Role Of The Global Hawk System Safety

    Global Hawk System Safety UAVs are a rapidly growing part of the aerospace world. Though they have mainly been utilized in military functions, the continued development of UAVs is leading toward civilian application in addition to continued military use. The use of UAVs in commercial environments brings with it a new set of safety risks which must be investigated, analyzed, and mitigated in order to ensure safe operation in the national airspace system (NAS). (Lum & Waggoner, 2011.) This paper will investigate the existing safety systems in place for the Northrop Grumman made Global Hawk UAV in order to understand what the existing safety systems entail, how they will work when introduced into the NAS, and what additions may be required in…

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  • Joint Force Globalization Analysis

    power, and protect our interests and allies around the world. This paper briefly reviews the global security environment and future trends, examines the implications of those trends for Joint Force 2025, and recommends a focus on three key areas: intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); cyber; and special operations forces (SOF). Finally the…

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  • Unmanned Aerial Airplanes Research Paper

    nuclear plant and disaster-stricken areas of the Tōhoku region as humans couldn 't get close enough to install new sensors or poke around the reactor sites due to the threat of radiation poisoning. The aerial reconnaissance aspect of UAVs is also being utilised by law enforcement agencies and border patrol forces to keep an ever vigilant eye on their respective turfs while environmental protection agencies are shifting towards using UAVs to track wildlife and observe any changes to the local…

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  • Air Force Budget Analysis

    These cuts are the reason why the Air Force did not invest in new technologies thus resulting in the fact that “on average, our aircraft are over twenty-seven years old. Twenty-five years of continual combat operations,” (James, usatoday.com) and “If BCA (Budget Control Act) funding levels are not raised, in 2016 the service is threatening to cut F-35A procurement by 14 jets, drop the number of space launch procurements by one, cut nine MQ-9 Reaper buys, and potentially cut whole fleets of…

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