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  • Summary Of Royal Ontario Museum: Friday Night Live

    Royal Ontario Museum: Friday Night Live Located in Toronto, Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum features the event “Friday Night Live” (FNL), run by Carrie Martin, vice president of programs, events and commercial services. Martin is responsible for creating a marketing plan that advertises this event in a distinctive, unique and profitable way. The overall increase in competition within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has generated concern as to whether the ROM night event can sustain their popularity. Their objective is to attract at least 3,500 visitors with the goal to increase revenues and profits by the grand opening date on October 9, 2015. The new marketing plan made by Martin will be put into effect to accomplish these goals and ensure…

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  • Nicole Weppler Analysis

    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to present a biographical sketch of Nicole Weppler 's early adult life. Nicole, who is my boss and mentor, immigrated to Toronto, Canada in the late 1960s. First, I will provide an overview of her early life and childhood. Second, I will discuss her years in Toronto and more specifically her time spent studying at the University of Toronto. Finally, I will address her most recent years living on Manitoulin Island and her occupation as the curator of…

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  • Quebec Sovereignty Essay

    To the office of the Prime Minister, We are writing this paper to give you some advise your government on the appropriate way to handle the issue of Quebec sovereignty in response of the Parti Quebecois victory in the 1976 Quebec provincial election. The Parti Quebecois believes that Quebec is entitled to its own sovereignty, and favours holding a referendum to raise the issue of Quebec sovereignty. If Quebec votes to separate from Canada, this could greatly damage Canadian national unity…

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  • Ullman And Woolman

    The name Ullman and Woolman were interchangeable throughout the years, however, Woolman became the preferred spelling for Thomas and his family, from the time of his leaving the family home in Foley and moving to Parry Sound proper on his marriage to Rebecca on January 28, 1880. There he started out as the near ubiquitous lumberman and a new dad. Edith was born just a comfortable nine months later on November 13, 1880. It was too tough a go for him in the mills and he uprooted his family and…

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  • Canadian National Railway Case Study

    Canadian National Railway Company, also named CN, is a modern combined company that merges many middle and small railroad companies, which is the biggest railway company in Canada and the fifth biggest railway company in the North America. Established in 1919 by the Canadian government, the CN company is the first railroad line that links the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It was a state-owned business since its establishment for up to 76 years, and it carried out…

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  • The Shack Short Story

    Within a few years of Lawrence arriving the Colony of Quebec split into Upper and Lower Canada. Upper Canada’s (to be Ontario) first Lieutenant Governor was John Graves Simcoe and one of his many concerns was the threat posed by the newly minted United States and that they may, in the future want to annex the Canadas. He added to the population of Upper Canada by augmenting the regulations to include disaffected Americans that were not Loyalists. Hence, the population in and around the Niagara…

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  • Navi Urlife Marketing Plan

    Navi urLife is the ultimate guide to the lifestyle in Waterloo Region. The new mapping app -- Navi urLife will target on people who are new to Waterloo Region (i.e. first-year students, immigrants, business representatives and visitors). According to administration offices of UW and Laurier, there are 10,750 first-year students coming to Waterloo every year (…). Also, Waterloo is one of the top five best places for new immigrants to live. It is predicted by Statistics Canada that “the…

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  • French Explorer And Navigator Samuel De Champlain Analysis

    The French Explorer and navigator Samuel de Champlain was born on August 13th, in 1574 in Brouage, France. Champlains had a mariners backgroud as thats what his family was, just before he turned 20 he began exploring North America in 1603 when he was invited on an expidition of François Gravé Du Pont, who was his uncle. Champlain also once he returened back to France wrote a book of this trek, it was the first completed story with full descriptions of the St Lawrence since Jacques Cartier's went…

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  • Canadian Magazines Case Study

    the Canadian wanted to protect their culture because One of the most prominent conflicts with implications for cultural concerns that turned into a trade dispute concerned the selling of magazines in Canada. Today, 89 percent of magazines sold in Canada are foreign, most of which are American. In spite of the low proportion of domestically produced magazines in Canada, the Canadian government has nonetheless identified the production of magazines as an important touchstone of Canadian national…

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  • The Fat Woman Next Door By Michel Tremblay

    Now that a semester has passed, we should return to one of the very first questions of the course: is Québec a distinct society, and if so, how and why did it develop this difference? Several themes persisted throughout our studies that sought to answer these questions, including that of la survivance. This ideologically loaded phrase describing survival by means of French, Catholicism, and a farming vocation related back multiple times to other concepts. With regards to language, the…

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