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  • Environmental Sustainability Study

    At Royal Roads University environmental sustainability is a major focus, this will be an overview of recommendations to increase recycling at RRU and the rationale used behind it. There will be three solutions presented to the office of sustainability to reach their waste diversion rate, by recommending that attention on addressing the issue of clarifying what goes where at recycling stations. The office of sustainability at Royal Roads University main goal is to increase its’s waste diversion rate from 69% to 80%. Currently having a silver star ranking and wanting to attain platinum as stated in their sustainability plan for 2015-2020. To reach this target, we would introduce an educational platform to RRU which would include a quiz, short…

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  • Reflective Essay On Bicycle Riders

    is more of a danger to try and ride along with the motor vehicles.” • Personal communication from Mr. Rashad Jackson who and he is a Broward County employee and passionate cyclist “As an avid cyclist, I have experienced a wide range of scenarios in my interactions with both road and pathway structure and vehicular traffic; and many of my peers in the cycling community feel that Broward County in whole is generally not a safe place for cyclists to ride. However, thousands of cyclists take to the…

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  • Importance Of Road Safety In Thailand

    study or travel. Certainly, a lot of people have to travel by road as the main route inevitably. Since people have to take the road on a regular basis, they deserve to be safe in using the road. In Thailand, there are about around 5 million people use vehicles on the road which is quite a lot ever. Moreover, in Thailand, every hour an accident on the road killed 1 million people in the country 70 million people which this loss ratio can indicate road safety. Because of Thailand, people have a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Into The Wild And Wild

    There are times when life’s situations make us do drastic choices, to help us escape, find ourselves or even to heal the soul within. In the novels “Into the Wild,” and “Wild” both of the characters take an unimaginable trip out into the wilderness to escape everyone and everything that at one point in their life’s was important to them. Both “Into the Wild” and “Wild” are distinctly different from each other, despite wilderness being both of the stories it’s symbol. The distinctions between…

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  • The Themes In Walk Two Moons By Sharon Creech

    We all fall apart Thesis statement: In the story Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, there are three main themes that the plot, subplot, conflict, and characters show. Introduction A unknown person once said, “ One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss, or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.” This is incredibly shown in multiple occasions throughout the book Walk Two Moons. The characters go through loss, love,…

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  • Red Brick Road Research Paper

    Unstable, red, bumpy brick roads causing student bikers and drivers daily mayhem as they can feel every pot hole and dip in the street. Not to mention the horrendous condition of the sidewalks as well. The students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln already have enough stress put on them to excel in classes, they should be given beautiful, safe, pot hole free sidewalks and streets to enjoy. One would think with the amount of tuition the students pay here, the university could at least…

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  • Film Collateral Analysis

    Collateral: Crime and Fear in Los Angeles The city of Los Angeles is a bustling and attractive home to millions of people who walk and drive amongst each other hundreds of times each day, sometimes sharing a meal or a seat on the bus. The atmosphere of the streets and cafés of may invoke feelings of comfort and happiness, especially when spending time with friends and strangers alike. However, there is a more sinister and hollowed part of the city which director Michael Mann depicts in his 2004…

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  • The Tone Of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

    When considering the tone of “The Road Not Taken”, it can be said that, even though the narrator wonders what the other choice would have resulted in, he seems content with the original choice made. The tone of lines nine and 10, which are written “Though as for that the passing there/Had worn them really about the same,” (Frost, 2016), could further suggest that the narrator believes that both of his choice options were nearly compatible, leading to the realization that the right choice was…

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  • Walk In The Woods Theme

    ENG 112W: The travelogue, “A Walk in the Woods,” depicts a laborious, seemingly never-ending hike through the Appalachian Trail in the voice of the author’s, Bill Bryson’s, alter-ego. By following the unfit pair of Bill Bryson and Stephen Katz, I learn of their perseverance despite the graveness of their journey and their shortcomings. Through the progression of the Appalachian Trail, the pair encounter problems that encourage them to unknowingly stray from the trail, trying to deter them from…

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  • If By Rudyard Kipling Analysis

    Title By examining moral courage in two different story plots we learn that our principles may be challenged at some point in our lives but the charter within you determines how you overcome those obstacles among you. By examining moral courage in literature we learn that moral courage only exist in a person who is willing to endure hardships for the sake of their principles. In the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling there is a father who is talking to his son, giving him advice and guidance about…

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