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  • Similes In The Things They Carried

    as a soldier has many struggles that people do not see and often go unaccounted for. This common dilemma comes to light in the short story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien. The burden of war on soldiers is more than physical strain. Tim O’Brien displays the extra burdens of soldiers through the use of poetic elements such as repetition, onomatopoeia, symbols, metaphors, similes and irony. Ultimately, the use of metaphors in “The Things They Carried” adds importance to soldiers and the burdens that they carry through war. O’Brien writes about the things soldiers carry such as ammunitions, ponchos and weapons. Furthermore, O’Brien continues on additional burdens such as emotional and social burdens that soldiers endure. In the short story, O’Brien uses the metaphor” Kiowa also…

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  • Similes And Metaphors In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare 's works frequently employ similes and metaphors to enhance the complexity of his writing, as well as to invoke distinct images that are being described for his audience. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare continues with this theme in describing the beauty of countess Olivia. Viola, acting as a messenger on behalf of Orsino, conveys to Olivia the degree to which she finds her beautiful through a metaphor: 'Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white Nature 's own sweet and cunning hand…

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  • Metaphors And Similes In Stephen Crane's The Red Badge Of Courage

    of a soldier, Henry Fleming. By using this point of view, readers see the realities of war from someone experiencing them rather than the typical unfeeling articles by those who were never on the front lines. One strategy that Crane uses to create this vivid image of war is the use of figurative language, specifically similes and metaphors. Let 's explore these literary terms and their use in this novel. Definition of Metaphor and Simile Metaphors and similes are two examples of figurative…

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  • My Father's Garden David Wagoner Analysis

    father’s work, his hobbies, and his education in this poignant tribute. With the author’s use of metaphors, similes, and alliteration, the poem emerges as a cautionary tale to show the impact of industrialization. With an extensive use of metaphors, Wagoner emphasizes the environment the father works in each day. To begin with, the speaker describes his father’s workplace as an “open hearth” (line 1). This description of the father’s workplace evokes a feeling of heat and fire. As the poem…

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  • Biblical Figures Of Speech Essay

    message. Many genres are found within the pages of the Bible, and many figures of speech are used within each of those genres. This paper will address the prophetic, narrative, epistle and gospel genres, as well as the use of metaphors, similes, hyperbole and parables. Genre Definitions Consulting Westminster for definitions, discloses the following: Prophecy – speaking on behalf of God to communicate God’s will for a situation. In the New Testament, this is a gift of the Spirit. Also used for…

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  • Forgiving My Father Analysis

    end. In this regards, the first figure of speech present in the poem, “forgiving my father”, is a simile found in the following, “All week you have stood in my dreams lie a ghost, asking for more time” (lines 3-4). This simile reveals the anxiety of the persona as she anxiously awaits the usual negative response of her father. In a similar way that a ghost haunts, the feeling she had haunts and sticks with her for the entire week. This tells us that she could not rid herself of the feeling and…

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  • Analysis Of The Lighters By Rennie Mcquilkin

    speaker and his mother. This overall dejected tone in the first three stanzas is suddenly reversed in the last stanza, in which the primary images include “light[ing] up like fireflies” and “sing[ing],” both of which indicate a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere devoid of sorrow and depression from the previous parts of the poem. This contrast in language and tone underscores the infinite amount of support that the speaker is willing to dedicate to his mother at the end of or even after her…

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  • Literary Techniques In Gretchen Shirm's Having Cried Wolf

    Having Cried Wolf does a lot of work in only a short amount of space. Gretchen Shirm does so by taking on multiple characters’ stories, including different perspectives and interwoven storylines, all the while being chock full of vivid imagery and carefully crafted with literary techniques such as similes and metaphors. She also gives such specific, detailed, and relatable examples, appealing to multiple senses that make the reader feel almost as if they are actually there. For me, all of these…

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  • Analysis Of North Coast Town By Robert Gray

    Composers are successful in the manipulation of responders to place them in a position that helps convey their story and its messages that the persona is trying to tell. In ‘North coast town’ and’ Flames and dangling wires’, Gray uses a combination of imagery and similes to relate to the responder therefore easing his task of positioning the reader to experience what he is seeing when he writes. In the poem, Grey is trying warn the responder that society are causing pollution and not noticing it…

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  • Love Poem By John Frederick Nims Analysis

    John Frederick Nims’ “Love Poem” is a poem describing someone he loves. The first line of the poem, “My clumsiest dear, whose hands shipwreck vases”, at first may be interpreted as the start of some form of insult. This line also intrigues the reader to continue and explore what Nims has to say about his “dear”. Though the poem begins by depicting some negative attributes that his love possesses, Nims doesn’t forget to describe her positive attributes, “Only with words and people and love you…

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