Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

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  • Definition Of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

    Definition Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (STMP) is often described as a connection-oriented that is text-based protocol, which allows a mail sender to communicates with a mail receiver. STMP uses command strings that are issued and supplies data over a data stream channel, which is usually a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection. STMP main objective is to transfer mail reliably and efficiently. SMTP travels over TCP port 587 and is mainly used by clients to send messages. Industry Standard Reference STMP is referred as an Internet Standard describing the specification of a technology or methodology applicable to the Internet. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) established the Internet Standards by starting with Internet…

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  • Dangers Of Bad Internet Website

    criminals. My top 10 websites valid websites are 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Kidzo 10. Ask kids.,,, and are considered safe because it’s a secured site, has a valid certificate to show it secure. There contact information and the last time it was updated. The next five websites that are made strictly for kids, which means some…

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  • Local SEO Case Study

    Chapter 8: Local SEO Almost all web pages have the letters WWW before the name of the web page. This stands for world wide web. The words indicate that placing any information on the internet opens it out to scrutiny all over the world. However, when you are seeking customers, what you should aim to accomplish is having all the information available in your local area, so that you can benefit from significant growth. The reasons that local SEO is growing is because there are more people using…

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  • Why Do Companies Use Internet Cookies

    When a person logs into a website, and the website states “Welcome back [insert username here]“ this is done with cookies. When a user logs into a website without the need to enter their credentials to allow access is also done with cookies. Cookies play an important role in our day-to-day activities online. The major issue with all of this convenience is that cookies are also used to track browsing habits of users. Which is a concern of many Internet users, because cookies can track Internet…

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  • Case Study Of The Deepwater Horizon Spill

    HOME LAB DEEPWATER HORIZON, PART 1 There is a vast amount of information available regarding the Deepwater Horizon incident. The primary purposes of this lab are (a) to provide you an opportunity to read about the spill incident and the factors effecting environmental concerns, and (b) to help you learn to process the information, especially when it is conflicting, in such a way as to discount ‘bad’ information, acknowledge ‘good’ information, and gain useful knowledge from the overall…

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  • Comparing The Terms Web Object, Website, And Web Page?

    following are defined by the HTTP protocol? (Choose two answers.) B. Web addresses C. Web servers 13. A PC user opens her Internet Explorer web browser, types the web address, and presses Enter. The browser displays a new web page. What part of the web address most directly identifies the web server from which the web page will be retrieved? B. 14. Using the terminology introduced in this chapter, think about network topologies. Which of these…

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  • Essay On Characteristics Of A Good Manager

    Question 1 Browse the internet and make comparisons of three key figures or leaders of an organizational heads. Develop a list of characteristics to make those individual good managers. Then, for each of the characteristics, identify which management function it falls under. There are so many characteristics for be a good or excellent managers. Characteristic of manager is depending on the organization’s objective or goal. 1. ORIENTATION TOWARDS RESULT One of the characteristic is…

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  • Web Architecture And Components Of Web

    people permission to use space on their servers or they Domain Structures are broken down into top-level domains and sub-level domains. The basic top-level domains include .com or org. Top-Level domains can moreover represent countries code such as “.uk” or “.us” and the sub-level domains connect related pages to the official websites. Domain Name Registers is a company that allows companies to register to own a domain name and it also manages the reservation of company’s internet domain…

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  • User Side Factors Analysis

    as WWW is the internet. The internet is where all the information is kept; you are more than likely to find anything you are searching for. WWW. Is used in front of the webpage name e.g. . This system supports specifically formed documents that have been formatted in the language of HTML. The reason that this is done is because the form of HTML is not easily understood by many so this would mean that the World Wide Web makes it to access and view many different documents by…

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  • Difference Between Surfing And Surfing

    Throughout the process explained above, the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol are used in the transportation of data. TCP manages how data is constructed into transportable packets for the journey whereas the IP deals with addressing and getting the data packets to the recipient. These two protocols are considered the two most important used in the transfer of data across the Internet which is why the Internet Protocol Suite is widely referred to as TCP/IP. However, there are…

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