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  • Bhutto Family Analysis

    August 19, 2011, Bhutto family landed in the country of North America, Canada during night of summer. The family of six moved from Islamabad, Pakistan by air with hopes of better lifestyle of the family. Tanzeela and Suhail Bhutto arrived here with their three sons and one daughter. The family already knew a lot about Canada’s lifestyle as Tanzeela’s siblings had already been living in Canada for long period of time and the family had visited Canada several times before permanently staying in the country. Suhail was an executive engineer and worked for the government of Pakistan , whereas Tanzeela was a social worker, lending hand to people in need and help educating them for example the flood victims in Pakistan who lost everything due to the flooding, she went to schools to teach them and help donate things. In Pakistan the Bhutto family lived in the capital city, with relatively free and easy life. Tanzeela and Suhail Bhutto had substantial jobs and extensive house with no hurdle in their everyday lives. The city was composed as well for past 15-20 years, however, there were some drawbacks in living in Pakistan. The country has military regiment therefore the military coups keep taking place. In Pakistan ‘Democracy’ is trumpeted a lot yet when office is taken by the elected government the citizens are not given much choices but to follow the rules, and the government has absolute power, similar to dictatorship, with the foreign intervention in the country just makes…

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  • Sassui Punnun Analysis

    The term folklore refers to folk-literature including folk poetry, songs and stories and folksay including puzzles, riddles and anecdotes relating to a particular culture. In its narrow sense, it is oral literature transmitted from one generation to another by word of mouth and embodying the ethnicity of that particular group. Sindhi folklore is a rich representation of ancient Sindhi culture which is being forgotten as time passes and the political situation gets worse. Sassui Punnun is a one…

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  • Shah Su Risalo Themes

    The major themes of his poetry are Religious tolerance,love for prophet and unity of Almighty. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry affililiated with the relationship between the Almighty and human which is due to his visits at different places of regions surrounded to him. Shah Jo Risalo, written in concise and pure Sindhi verses, is great storehouse of Muslims but also for the Hindus. In search of truth , Shah latif’s travelled to diiferent parts of Sindh and went to bordering lands.The woman of…

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  • Discrimination In Balochistan Essay

    It is the 5th most populated country in the world. In terms of land it is the 33rd largest country. There are 4 provinces in Pakistan .Punjab, Sindh, kpk and balochistan. From the very beginning of Pakistan, provincial discrimination can be seen in all the 4 provinces of Pakistan. Rather than calling themselves Pakistani, people in Punjab call themselves Punjabi, people in Sindh call themselves sindhi, people in kpk call themselves pakthoons and people in balochistan call themselves balochies.…

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  • Partition Of Bengal Essay

    Partition of Bengal The decision to affect the partition of Bengal was announced in July 1905, by the viceroy of India lord was not until February, 1905, that the government sent their final proposal to the secretary of state. They were sanctioned by Mr.Broorick, with certain modifications on June 9th, 1905 and on October 16th 1905; Bengal was divided into two provinces 1. East Bengal , and Assam with Dhaka as its capital 2. Western Bengal with Calcutta as its capital The new…

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  • Pakistani Refugees Essay

    Over the years, the number of refugees from the area of Sindh have increased, the first exodus of refugees which entered India at the time of Partition were resettled in areas of North India, particularly Delhi. They were placed in campsites which were later converted into permanent housing through Government of India. There were a number of schemes which were implemented for the process of rehabilitation and integration of Pakistani refugees. A number of laws were introduced such as The…

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  • Career Episode Essay

    were conducted in order to identify the problems in the supply of safe drinking water. It includes installation of water conditioning and filtration plants at large scale adopted by federal and local government. Training to the staff of all water supply schemes of all four provinces mainly in Azad Jamu Kashmir, Federal and Tribunal area and rest of northern areas Investigation and identification of the causes of pollution in water resources and finding implementable remedies was also part…

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  • Language: Significance And Importance Of Language In Pakistan

    Be that as it may, commonplace languages have no official status in Pakistan, with the exception of Sindhi in Sindh, given the way that Urdu and English are the official languages of the nation. Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language talked by more than 100 million local speakers around the world, making it the tenth most generally talked language [2015] in the world. It is the local language of the Punjabi individuals who occupy the recorded Punjab area of Pakistan and India. Among the Indo-European…

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  • Malnutrition: The Challenges And Effects Of Malnutrition In Africa

    investigated, child morbidity and malnutrition have also subject to specific studies in developing countries, most of these studies associated with diarrheal diseases. Malnutrition is also the result of low income (or poverty), which limits the purchasing capacity of sufficient food. However, the correlation between poverty and malnutrition and also examined the association between poor family income and nutritional status. Moreover, poverty in Pakistan historically higher in rural areas than…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lahore Resolution

    session in Minto Park (now called Iqbal Park), Lahore. Lahore resolution was presented on 23rd March in order to protect religious, political and social rights of the Muslims. Nawab of Mamdot presented the welcome address followed by the speech of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. According to a rough estimate around 100,000 attended the public meeting. The resolution was endorsed by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Sir Abdullah Haroon, Chaudhary Khaliquzzam, Qazi Muhammad Esa and Sardar Aurangzeb as…

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