Simplex algorithm

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  • Linear Programming Problem: The Simplex Method

    4 The Simplex Method As we have seen, a linear programming problem forms a convex polygon in the best possible scenario. It is imperative to obtain a process that would assist in determining the optimal solution without the need to examine the graphical representation. The need for an algorithm that would perform such process was essential in the early days of the formulations of linear programming problems. Although challenging, the task was accomplished by a mathematician of the twentieth century. In 1947, George Dantzig developed a process that assisted in computing optimal solutions for minimization and maximization linear programming problems, this method is known as the simplex method [6]. Regardless of his great discovery, the linear programming problem needed to be set up in canonical form, so that the process could be utilized. Dantzig’s discovery could be applied to optimize any given objective function, given that the structure was in canonical form. In addition to the proper set up, the number of variables needs to be larger than the number of constraints. Assume that there are m equations and n unknowns. If the number of equations is equal to the number of constraints, then the solution could be derived without considering the objective function. Thus n>m is a prerequisite for a…

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  • Essay On Cyberspace

    Computers and technology at large have change the lives of many people in the world both positively and negatively. Computers have unveiled many things which have greatly influenced our lives. This has made many teachers and students to adopt their use in classrooms. However, the use of computers in our classrooms have been characterized by over reliance on them. Cyber space have also played key roles in our lives. For instance there is increase in the number of research paper done each day…

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  • Math Personal Statement

    A relationship with numbers and codes is my fate. I learned math for an Olympic Mathematics Competition that I’ve been involved in since I was 9 years old. I became familiar with algorithms like congruence, Horner algorithm and graph theory before I could use a computer. Now as a senior in the school of mathematics at XX University, one of the top three mathematical schools in China. I chose math as my major to build a good mathematical foundation to thoroughly learn about computer science. With…

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  • Zappos's Core Values

    With a computer science degree from Harvard, Tony knew how to write code, and he decided to try a similarly algorithmic approach to creating culture. He devised a Ten-Commandments-type list (Exhibit III) that included such tenets as, “Be Humble”, “Create fun and a little weirdness” and “Build open and honest relationships with communication.” From that moment, those core values have driven all key decisions – from hiring to customer relationships to, most recently, downsizing. Tony explained,…

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  • Travelling Salesman Problem Analysis

    A COMPARITIVE STUDY OF NEAREST NEIGHBOUR ALGORITHM AND GENETIC ALGORITHM IN SOLVING TRAVELLING SALESMAN PROBLEM Ajaz Ahmed Khan Electronics and communication department SSGI FET Bhilai, India Mrs. Himani Agrawal Electronics and communication department SSGI FET Bhilai, India Abstract—In this paper, we have used two algorithms, i.e. the Nearest Neighbor algorithm and Genetic Algorithm to solve the Travelling Salesman problem. The Travelling Salesman…

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  • Why I Chose Computer Science Essay

    My chosen major is Computer Science with a business concentration. I have always had an affinity for computers. It seems like on some level they speak to me and I wanted to learn how to speak back in their language. I also am a pretty big gamer and learning how to write and design games is something I have wanted to learn since I was about thirteen years old. Another reason I want to major in computer science is the ongoing proliferation of Internet connected devices and devices with single chip…

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  • Julia Angwin's Machine Bias

    from technological progressions. One such ramification is the emergence of racism within the algorithms that dictate and govern…

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  • Outliers Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    In the book, Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell, the author is challenging our views of how people become successful. He is saying that to get to where you want to be you can’t rely solely on hard work or determination. It takes much more than that, something that many of us don’t get; opportunities. If you want to be successful, you need a series of opportunities that present themselves to you at the right time, to put you ahead of everyone else. He proves this idea in chapter…

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  • The Secret Of A Successful Job Essay

    The Secret Of A Successful Job There is one of the most important ways to make your job better, and doing a special work. The way to do a successful job is to love what you do. Successful people love what they work on. For example: Steve Jobs is one of powerful people, he always says, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. In my own experience, I studied Computer Science for two years at University of Kuwait. Then, I worked at a petroleum company called KJO, which is one…

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  • Initial Needs Assessment Paper

    Presenting Needs and Initial Intake: Our holistic work with community members begins with our Direct Service Network. Upon arrival at the Panacea Institute for Equality in Education, families are greeted with a “pre-screen” process to determine their presenting need. At this initial entry point, education challenges supersede all other family challenges. The support staff responsible for the prescreening process will determine the severity of the educational challenge and will determine how…

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