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  • Single Happiness

    veryone in our lives has a single happiness. It depends on the circumstances, perspective, and the feeling of us. In particular, my happiness is my own family because it gives me the strange warmth and it’s always around me. I never want to lose it. Therefore, that is important to my life and I always respect it. How come I say my happiness is the family. It has three reasons makes me think it is important in my life. At first, I think I am a lucky person because I always have my parents stay beside me. They never complain anything I do or mad at me. They always cheer me up and protect me. That makes me silly sometimes. However, my happiness makes me feel bad sometimes because I still see a lot of people don’t have their parents next to them…

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  • Single Shard Character Analysis

    Why are characters important to a story? Characters are important because they drive the story as a whole. Characters are usually the main focus in a story and contribute to the plot. The main character in Single Shard is a boy from Ch'ulp'o named Tree-ear.Tree-ear is a very important character who contributes to the plot because he is perserverant, clever, and likes to spy. Tree ear is perseverant in the story Single Shard. “The second vase, its fall cushioned however slightly by the…

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  • Impact Of Single Day In China

    Singles day in China significantly affected Chinese commerce Singles day is a kind of entertainment festival spreading in young people, who are priding in celebrating themselves single (the meaning of "bachelor" is "single"). The date of November 11(also as 11/11), contains four Arabic numerals "1”, whose shape is like four “solitary stick figures”. At the same time, “Solitary stick figures” are sharing the same Chinese characters with “bachelors”, and bachelors means single, hence November 11…

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  • Positive Effects Of Single Parenting

    They get to see their parents working hard - despite their differences - to collaborate and work together effectively. In addition, the children are forced to deal with their own disappointments early in life. • Respond with your kids' disappointment with support, encouragement, and empathy. • View these experiences as valuable growth opportunities, helping them become sensitive, empathetic, caring adults. • You can't always prevent your children from feeling sad or disappointed, but you…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Single Candlewl

    up upon the bed awaiting something. Her face gave off this excited but anxious look that I have seen before in most girls her age. For the many years I have walked this earth and have tormented women like her. The native ones who would do anything to please the people she cares about. The sight was all too familiar with the scent of dirt and salt that fills the lungs to the single candle like that ignites the room. All was familiar except the victim who would range from 70 year old elders…

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  • Single Sex Education

    The Benefits of Single Sex Education: Attended Conference Imagine attending a school full of people the same gender as you. In the classroom, during lunch and even during class breaks you are constantly surrounded by boys or girls. This is an example of what single sex education is like. Single sex education is when males and females are placed in separate classrooms, buildings or schools. This educational style took prominence during the late 18th century across the globe. However, in countries…

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  • Single Shot: A Narrative Fiction

    “I don’t know if I want to do this.” I thought to myself. I took out the shotgun from the case, and laid it dreadfully onto the wooden table. I waited for the man to shout my name. “Kyle C, on Deck!” He shouted. I walked up, with my Single Shot at my side. “12 or .410?” The man said. I told him 12 and he handed me a thumb size, red shell. I looked away and waited for the shot of the man in front of me. Bang! I then walked up to aisle 3, which was my assigned lane. I took aim, and handled the…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Being Single

    Happily Single, Really? “I am happily single !” I bet you heard this line before or even you said it. We all know someone who is single and claims they’re “happy”. Even in Beyonce’s 2009 song “ Single Ladies” she had ladies from all around the world jumping for joy, because they are happily single. However, is a single lady really happy being single? The truth of the matter is, the majority of the single female population is not happy being single, they’re miserable. They…

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  • Advantages Of Single-Sex Education

    Single-sex education vs. Coeducation Have you ever thought how different your academic career might have turned out if you went to an all females or all males school? Single-sex education has existed since the nineteen century, with the basis of providing education by separating male and female students. On the other hand, Coeducation, an education for both sexes together, began in the late nineteen and twentieth century. Additionally, single-sex schools were for the privileged; not everyone…

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  • Advantages Of Single Sex Schools

    studies demonstrate school girls who attended single-sex schools are more likely to participate in competitive sports than girls at coed schools. Importantly, it is easy for students in a single-sex school to develop and enhance in different aspects like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is thus a beneficially factor to provide all available opportunities to girls through a single sex school because girls/women in time to come can do much First, single sex schools have a…

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