Benefits Of Single Sex Education Essay

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The Benefits of Single Sex Education: Attended Conference
Imagine attending a school full of people the same gender as you. In the classroom, during lunch and even during class breaks you are constantly surrounded by boys or girls. This is an example of what single sex education is like. Single sex education is when males and females are placed in separate classrooms, buildings or schools. This educational style took prominence during the late 18th century across the globe. However, in countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom single sex education had been around for long periods of time. In Sweden single sex education began in 1575 when a law was passed that required all children to have an elementary education. While in the United Kingdom it had been around since the late 17th century. At the time these schools focused more on the male students making sure they were academically sound while the female students were only taught enough to make sure they would be good housewives and mothers (Eisenkopf, Gerald, et al). As time has changed so has the goal of these schools. Now single sex education has been formulated so that it is able to support the interests of most students as well as support the academic needs that any student may have. Through these schools students may be able to take on different ideas or try different things that they might have been ridiculed for at a coed school. While many people may believe that single sex education can halt mental development…

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