Essay about Positive Effects of Single Parenting

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Positive Effects of Single Parenting
Concepts Every Single Parent Needs to Keep in Mind
By Jennifer Wolf, Guide
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You might not often think of being a single parent family as a bonus for your kids. There have been many sacrifices along the way, and plenty of times when you wished things were different. However, there are some positive effects of single parenting that you should bear in mind as you raise your children:
Positive Effect of Single Parenting #1: Developing Strong Bonds
Spending quality one-on-one time with your kids allows you to develop a unique bond that may actually be stronger than it would have
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ith Anxiety
Home Is Where the Heart Is
• Open Communication with Your Child
• It's a Family Affair
• Create a Support Team
• Tell the Truth
• Effects on Siblings
• Effects on Your Marriage
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Effects on Your Marriage by Ilyne Sandas, M.A., L.P. and Christine Siegel, M.A., L.P.
Research shows an increased percentage of marital dissatisfaction in families with children who experience emotional disturbances. Because parents have varying levels of distress tolerance and coping, individual differences can be magnified when a couple is under stress. For example, an introverted spouse may become even more withdrawn when under stress, leading the other parent to feel unsupported or neglected. As you read the sections below, you may wish to identify talking points to share with your spouse.
Increasing your ability to see eye-to-eye and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your partner, spouse, or co-parent will strengthen your marriage and family, and optimize your child's

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