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  • Compare Vietnam And Singapore

    #National: In the national evidence, we will compare Vietnam to Singapore. First, in our opinion, we could say that Singapore is a developed country, it has a lot of sectors those interdepend to industry like technology, chemicals and financial services. Singapore is at the 5th place of 10 richest countries in the world. Vietnam, the developing country, Vietnam also have a lot of industry jobs as you can see on the local evidence part. Now, these evidences will have us to compare Vietnam and Singapore. At the beginning, about the budget, in the history, Singapore can get $44.43 billion, and it 12% more than $38.89 billion of Vietnam. (3) Then, we move to the exports, Vietnam only gets $114.60 billion, however Singapore gets $435.80 billion, it is 4 times more than Vietnam.(3) We will also talk about GDP , Singapore has 27.8% and Vietnam has 40.7%. It is 46% more if we compare Vietnam to Singapore about this.(3) As you can see, Singapore is a developed country, they…

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  • Singapore Seaport Case Report

    Ranking of Singapore seaport are top 2 at World Container Ports by TEU and top 2 at world's busiest seaports by cargo tonnage. Port activities Singapore started at the Singapore River in the early years of Singapore’s founding in 1819, when Sir Stamford Raffles first established a trading post here to further British influence in the region. The early economic policy of a free port status promulgated by Raffles, allowed unrestricted movement of goods through the Singapore River’s calm waters,…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In Singapore

    Have you ever wondered about Singapore and what their culture is like? Although Singapore has great diversity, it is a united country with united religions and cultures. There are four official languages in Singapore: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and English. Most Singaporean citizens speak at least two languages. English is used in schools, and students learn another language in school. The language they learn is one of their mother tongue that corresponds to their race. Some students can also…

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  • Singapore Research Paper

    Two hundred years ago, Singapore was a jungle. An obscure tropical island barely inhabitable. Today it is an Asian Tiger. An economic giant. This City state has no natural re. Its land is infertile. So why has it lured so many people seeking their fortune. Today, Singapore has been shaped by one man……… he Ruled the country for a ¼ of a century leading into the modern age. But what was S before Lee, How did it ever into the world’s stage. “unless you know where you are from, unless you know what…

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  • Singapore Airlines Limited: Case Study: Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA; C6L; SGX) is the airline company of Singapore that operates from its hub at Changi Airport and offers aremarkable customer service. SIA is considered as a Singaporean national symbol and icon and It has a strong effect in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier that operates the world’s largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 first time in the history. SIA also has many air-line-related subsidiaries, such as…

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  • Hong Kong And Singapore Case Study

    Hong Kong and Singapore have many resemblances in the national and physical contexts. Both are two prominent Asian cities with speedy economic growth and industrial expansion. Historically, two cities-states were British colonies and adopted the British legal and judicial system. In addition, majority of the population group are ethnic Chinese. Table 1. has summaries the basic background information of Hong Kong and Singapore. Table 1: Summary of basic information of Hong Kong and Singapore…

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  • The Importance Of Setting An English-Language School In Singapore

    The country and city in which I chose to set up my English-language school is Singapore. The reason that I chose to establish an English-language school in Singapore is because they are a small island country that relies heavily on international trade and treaties to continue growing their economy. Their economy is fueled by imports and exports. The reason I think Singapore is a good location to establish an English-language school is because they need to maintain strong ties with major economic…

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  • Change In Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines As with most things in life the only constant, is change. Similar to one’s personal life their business life is just as complex and ever changing. Today 's business environment requires that organizations, like Singapore Airlines, to undergo change on a constant basis in order to remain competitive. These changes may be minor, or may be something major such as in refocusing the overall strategy of the organization. It is up to the change manager to effectively move the…

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  • Singapore Airlines Case Analysis

    opportunities and threats (SWOT) of Singapore International Airlines (SIA). In additional of the core competencies of the company, their relevance vision and mission statement. At the end, we will sum up with the strategy undertaken by SIA in the case study by justifying the merits and demerits of SIA’s strategic response. 1.2 Background Incorporated on 28 January 1972 as Mercury Singapore Airlines, it was renamed Singapore Airlines on 30 June the same year. Mercury Singapore Airlines was…

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  • Singapore Airlines Case Study

    technological, legal and environmental forces affecting an industry and its incumbent organizations: • Political: Singapore Airline is the national air carrier for the company and it represent the country by carrying its national flag thus if the country has any national political problem will have a major impact on the operation of the airline industrial. • Economic: The major effect on Airline business is Fuel and since the growth in price will reflect on the company to pass some of the cost…

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