The Importance Of Culture In Singapore

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Have you ever wondered about Singapore and what their culture is like? Although Singapore has great diversity, it is a united country with united religions and cultures. There are four official languages in Singapore: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and English. Most Singaporean citizens speak at least two languages. English is used in schools, and students learn another language in school. The language they learn is one of their mother tongue that corresponds to their race. Some students can also learn a third language in school. The Singapore national anthem is “Majulah Singapura”, which, in Malay, means onward Singapore. The whole Singapore national anthem is in Malay. The main language used in Singapore is English. British English is used in Singapore. English is used to unite people from different countries. It is also used to help development and growth because the global language is English. Singlish is a form of English with a Singaporean accent. It usually ignores proper grammar and uses broken English. It uses “local slang and expressions from the various languages and dialects spoken in Singapore” (Seah). Singlish is a symbol of the multicultural society in Singapore. It is “an important part of local heritage” (Seah). Singlish is not used in …show more content…
Students have to wear school uniforms. There is preschool first, then kindergarten. After kindergarten is primary school, which is first to sixth grade. Some things taught in primary school are English, math, science, music, arts and crafts, and a second language. After primary school there is secondary school, which is kind of like high school. A lot of people learn a third language in secondary school. Before college, students have to take the O-level exam. This exam determines their abilities and qualifications. After secondary school there are many choices for more education: junior college, universities, polytechnics, and technical institutes.

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