Compare Vietnam And Singapore

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#National: In the national evidence, we will compare Vietnam to Singapore. First, in our opinion, we could say that Singapore is a developed country, it has a lot of sectors those interdepend to industry like technology, chemicals and financial services. Singapore is at the 5th place of 10 richest countries in the world. Vietnam, the developing country, Vietnam also have a lot of industry jobs as you can see on the local evidence part. Now, these evidences will have us to compare Vietnam and Singapore. At the beginning, about the budget, in the history, Singapore can get $44.43 billion, and it 12% more than $38.89 billion of Vietnam. (3) Then, we move to the exports, Vietnam only gets $114.60 billion, however Singapore gets $435.80 billion, it is 4 times more than Vietnam.(3) We will also talk about GDP , Singapore has 27.8% and Vietnam has 40.7%. It is 46% more if we compare Vietnam to Singapore about this.(3)

As you can see, Singapore is a developed country, they
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In our perspective, industrialization effects a lot to the world, it helps the world become “ A Technology Planet”, we have created many technology devices to supply our demand in daily life. In 1760, “The Industrial Revolution” started in United Kingdom, almost the important technological innovations were made by British. After few years, the revolution has spread out to others countries in the world, people have started to invent more technological products. From that event, industrialization is used by all of countries in the world. Nowadays, we can learn, read, write, listen,…….by using technology devices. Vietnam is also effected by industrialization, it might be later than other countries in global, but in Vietnam, at the present, we still have a lot of devices to use for our requests. Vietnam is improving industry by applying industrialization to support the

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