Industrialization Dbq Essay

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The industrial revolution shaped our world. It did bring out new ways of doing things and eventually turned the world into what it is today, but before all of that change happened, in the middle of the industrial revolution is the working class. They worked long hours in dangerous factories for little pay, they came home to tiny tenements that their entire family lived in. Almost everyone in the family would have worked; even the children had jobs in factories or were on the street selling products. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily positive effects on society because of child labor Laws, it was actually a negative consequence for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were Poor/ Horrible working condition, …show more content…
In Elizabeth Bentley’s testimony to end child labour, “C: What were your hours of labour in that mill? B: From 5 in the morning till 9 at night, when they were thronged.” (Document 7) Children worked long hours to support their family and most did not go to school because of work. Too the owners of the factory, it did matter to them that they were working children, they were able to pay them less then both women and men. Another example of poor/horrible working conditions, “Child Labor photograph by Lewis W. Hine shows, children working in a machine bigger than themselves, and in an incredibly unsafe workplace, one of the children balancing on a milk crate while working on the machine.” (Document 8) The children often found themselves working in a dangerous machine. All workers not just children had to work on the death traps called machines. Another example of horrible working conditions was, “I [Mary Paul] am at work in a spinning room tending four sides of warp which is one girl’s work.” (Document 1) To cut down on payment factory owners gave their employees with a lot of work to cut down on costs. The owners did not care how unsafe the factory was they fired anyone who got injured and hired another employee in their place without a second thought. It wasn’t until later when labor unions and child labor laws became active that working became safer for the

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